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    Aug 5, 2003
    I just finished building an xp100R and decided I wanted to try to convert it to a center grip, It wasnt too bad of a project but now I am bored with it(I do this alot since I can build whatever I want myself).I wont be able to send or post pictures until Monday when I get my camera back from a friend.Here are the specs on the Handgun.Fiberglass stock has been skim bedded and finished in brilliant blue and clearcoated(automotive paint), kreiger 15" #7 profile 8.5" twist barrel chambered in 260 Rem Match.Action has been completely trued.Trigger set a 2.5#.This is an xp100R action converted to centergrip(I had to change trigger and recoil lug basicly and put it in a mid grip stock).I have 50 rounds down it right now and it was broken it correctly.I have a few groups with it and it will perform admirably.Two 3 shot groups were less than a .25" at 100 yards and one 3 shot group was in the mid ones.This was with a Burris 3-12 handgun scope set at 12 power, I think it will shoot even better with a high magnification rifle scope converted to long eye relief.But I have bigger fish to fry right now(THINKING of a big 50 cal).I have a Burris 2-7 ballistic plex scope I can sell with it or without gun.I am asking $1000 for gun without scope or $1250 with scope..I will email pics. Thank you
    mike crain