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  1. 7Rumloader

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    Jan 20, 2005
    I have been wanting to have a custom target rifle built for medium (300) to longe range for me (800) yard targets and maybe take an occasional whitetail or coyote at 500 yards. I was thinking about a 6BR cause I have read they are very accurate. I would love some input from someone who might have one or has experience with them. I have enough 7mm calibers to hunt with and just want a mainly target rifle that dont have a big appetite for powder but still has enough energy at say 400 to 500 yards to harvest a whitetail if I so desired. I have a good 22.250 AI but I dont see it harvesting deer at 500 yards unless I head shoot em. Thanks in advance!
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    , Personaly I'm a big fan of 30 cals because of their large bullet selection but reciently I have been playing with a 243Ackley and I think that I've may have found a new best friend.
    Don't get me wrong , the 6BR is a great round but if your gonna be taking game then I think that the slightly higher velocity of the 243Ai will serve you better
    It shoots heavy for diameter high BC bullets fast enough to have plenty of down range POP for critters and the recoil is way less than any of the big 30's or 7mm's. and loaded with a good match style bullet like the Sierra Match King or Hornady A-max it puts itself easly into the 1000yd club. Their is Lapua brass available so you don't have to spend days on end prepping brass and sorting cases and almost endless supply of match grade bullets.
    And if you want a little higher BC bullets the 260 Rem or the improved version would be a good choice , not so overbore that you'll have to change barrels every 2000 rounds yet still have enough velocity to kill deer size critters cleanly at 600yds , also brass can be easly made from Lapua 308 brass which is about the cheapest and most readly available Lapua caliber. And in the Improved format I would think that it should only be a couple houndred feet per second behind the 6.5-284 at the most in say a 26" tube
    Think about it you can shoot a bullet with a BC around the
    .550 range at over 3000 fps (123gr Lapua Scenar) you would have to be shooting a 300Win mag class caliber loaded pretty warm with a 190gr class bullet to get that kind of
    BC , and you'll be doing so with almost half the powder and way less recoil.

  3. TOM H

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    Dec 24, 2001
    If you leave the hunting out the 6br or 6 Dasher is a pretty good round. Now you include hunting I'd look at the 6mmremAI,260AI,6.5x55AI or 6.5x284. Most of the LR 6br are set up for the LVD bullets and don't think those bullets would be any good for deer. I've hear that they are coming out with a Scirocco in 6.5 140 gr bullets and if do and I can draw and antelope permit I'll try them in a 6.5x284 otherwise I'll use the 6mmremAI with the 90gr Sciracco. Well good luck.
  4. chris matthews

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    May 14, 2001
    With proper shot placement the 6 BR will do the job, I am a fan of the 243 Ackley also- 107 or 115 gr bullets will definitely do the job!!! The 6.5 caliber would be a great choice also- 260, 6.5 Grendel, 260 Ackley, the Swede, etc. Or the new boys in town, the 243 WSSM, 25 WSSM or 6.5 WSSM.
  5. BountyHunter

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    Jun 13, 2007
    Go to and all your questions answered ref cases, bullets, barrels, powder, fps etc.

    Best cartridge will either be a straight no neck turn (.271 or .272 neck) 6 BR or 6 Dasher. Accurate all the way to 1000, easy to load, long barrel life, etc.

    Look at recommended smiths sections for guys that are great at building them.

    28" Broughton 5C rifling barrel in 8 twist will give 2850-2950 depending on cartridge with 100-107 gr bullet.

  6. 7Rumloader

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    Jan 20, 2005
    J.jones the 243 ai and 260 ai sound interesting and I will look into those. I will go thae site you mentioned bounty hunter and take a look and do a little homework before I make a decision. Thanks to all of you for your info!
  7. Buffalobob

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    Jun 12, 2001
    The 240 weatherby has a 30-06 case head size and wil work through many actions ( I have a FN mauser action with 26 " Douglas barrel, timmney trigger, etc). It will move a 100 grain bullet at 3300 fps or a barnes XLC 85 gr BT @ 3600 fps. The 240 wby case is a one of a kind i. e. not necked down 300 wby, so it is not as bad on a barrel as the 257 wby.

    The peculiar thing is that because all I do with the gun is shoot deer at point blank range, I have never bothered to test different powders, seating depths and loads to achieve any type of extreme accuracy. It shot under MOA with the firist load I put in it and I just increased powder until I was half a grain under max and it was still under MOA so I went and shot deer. Like you, I have a 7mm Mag for serious work at long ranges and bigger critters. I really do not like the mess that the 7mm makes on a deer at close range so I use the smaller 240 caliber with less magnification.

    You said you wanted a "target gun", and I doubt that the 240 wby will win you any benchrest matches and with the price of 240 wby brass you will not be able to buy gas to go shooting anyway. However, I really like the guns ability to reach way, way ,out an touch something if I want to.
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    Jan 10, 2003
    The 240Wby is a good round!The 6/06Ack.Imp. will do the same
    at a cheaper price(use 25/06 brass). I agree about the 243Ack Imp, will shoot right up there with less powder.The 240 Gibbs is also another consideration also based on the '06 brass.