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    Feb 4, 2009
    Hey guys,
    I asked for some help a couple weeks ago, now I'm back with another question.

    Here is the scoop. I have a Rem 700 SA. It was a .308. I had it converted to 300WSM by GA Precision. I had the conversion done to the existing barrel after many many rounds of .308. I basically did it just to see if I liked the 300WSM.
    Well it seems the barrel is finally going. I am at a cross roads.

    1st choice.
    Reminton said they will take the gun back to the original .308 bolt and 5-R barrel, since it was a custom shop gun, for approx $500.
    I am considering this option due to the cost of reloading the .308 ammo being a lot less and not really taking many shots over 500yds. Over that is pretty rare. So the .308 does that nicely and accurately.

    2nd choice,
    I already have the bolt done by GA. I am considering stripping the gun and doing the custom route.
    Since it is a SA and has the bolt ready for short mags, that is where I have my choices.
    I have read that the 300wsm give much better ballistics than the .308 but still yields good barrel life.
    I have also never owned a 7mm bore gun. I am intrigued to know whether the "better" ballistics really do anything for the shooter or if it is really just better looking on paper? I have never gone true custom before. Is it worth the expense? That 5-R Milspec Rem was really accurate. Do customs really outlast and outperform good factory guns?

    So, I invite your responses, Go back to .308, stick with 300wsm with a custom job, or try the 7mmWSM custom route.
    In your suggestions please tell me which barrels have yielded good life and accuracy if you suggest the custom route.
    -One more thing, I am also considering just getting a new rifle. I will be spending a bit either way. If I stay with a magnum load, I had considered going new long action. The only advantage I can see with the short magnums is that you can modify an existing short action to gain more power with the gun you already own.
    As far as that whole "short action uses less powder" doesn't apply with the heavier loads. with 180, 190, 200, 220 .308 bullets the 300WM and 300WSM loads are very similar.
    So what do you guys think?
    That would open up a lot of possibilities. 300WM, 7mm Rem stuff like that.
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