Custom Remington 30-06

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    Jan 31, 2008
    I'm looking to sell my custom 700.
    -- Remington 700 BDL SS been squared up, lugs lapped and recoil lug trued.
    -- 26" Fluted # Benchmark SS barrel.
    -- McMillan Remington Classic stock without the checkering. Has the black "speckled" paint from McMillan. Pillar bedded. 1" deccelator pad installed
    -- Shilen Trigger set at 2.5lbs but can easily been adjusted up or down.

    I've shot this gun 4 times as I just finished it 3 days ago. The gunsmithing was done by myself under the supervision of David Christman.( I'm sure some on here can attest to Mr. David's gunsmithing)
    Not really looking to sell the scope with it but if you want it just add $175 to the total. It's a new redfield 4-12x40 with regular plex. I have box and all for it.

    Rifle will be shipped in a Hard plastic case.
    $1350 shipped in lower 48. I can ship from FFL to FFL with no extra fee if that helps anyone. Wife is out of town with good camera I'll have some better ones tommorrow.
    I also have a .30 cal muzzle brake(Vias) with cap and takeoff tool that you can have with the rifle too if you want. That'll save you $100. I need around $1000 cash out of the deal and the remaining can be made up in trade. Actions, Stocks, Blanks, Scopes, Pistols, 3 1/2 shotguns, etc.

    Extra. I do have a Bell and Carlson Carbolite that will fit the rifle. If you would rather it than the McMillan the price will be $1050