Custom Rem 700 in 223 Edited

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    Aug 5, 2003
    I built this rifle for my son to compete in informal BR matches with me and he has shown no interest so I am selling to fund other gun projects.Specs are below:
    1.Stainless Remington action, blueprinted and polished
    2.shilen Select match SS #7 profile, 26" long, chambered in 223 match, finished in black duracoat.
    3.rem factory thumbhole stock skim bedded
    4.Factory trigger set at 1lb 8oz with safety
    Rifle has 60 rounds thru it & was properly broken in.I have shot 5 shot groups in the ones and twos in our 100 yard indoor range.I can email pics. I would consider an xp100 as partial trade.$1350 Thanks,