Custom M700 short action + extras

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    Oct 2, 2004
    I have the following for sale:

    Remington M700, short action w/ .308 cal bolt face. It has the following work done:

    -trued by Mike Bryant Precision
    -scope base holes opened and tapped to 8-40
    -Holland lug mated to action and pinned (included)
    -Badger bolt knob installed
    -Ed LaPour M70-style safety installed (factory Remington safety removed)
    -GA Precision bolt stop release mod installed (factory bolt stop release removed)

    The action was at one time MolyResin coated. This coating has worn in places and is not existent upon the M70-style safety and GAP bolt stop mod, as they were added after moly coating. This action was once a custom M700 in .308 Winchester and has seen approximately 500 rounds fired (both as a factory LTR and as a custom job). I'm currently trying to fund a hunting rifle and no longer need this for the project it was intended. Pics of the safety and the cant can be found at:;f=24;t=000030

    Itemized for the action and work the price would be $880 or so. I'm open for negotiations, but I'd like to start with $750 shipped to your FFL.

    I also have:

    -Williams one-piece steel bottom metal for the above action. MolyResin coated flat black, finish in great shape. Has the TacLatch. Included are the follower, spring, and ADL mag box. $150 shipped.

    -Shilen standard trigger for the above action. Tuned to a clean, crisp 2.75 pound pull by Ed LaPour. Sans safety and bolt release. $50 shipped.

    -Redding Competition die set for .308 Winchester. Included is the benchrest-style seating die and standard neck and full dies. Shellholder and instructions in original box. Excellent shape and only used for about three-hundred rounds. $125.00 shipped.

    -Sinclair Standard Poly reloading block. White. I have two of these. $12.00 shipped total.

    -Wilson case holder .308 Winchester. $6.00 shipped.

    -Wilson inside neck reamer for .30cal. Used alone or with the Wilson case trimmer. Used once to see how it worked. $17.00 shipped.

    I also have a partial box of .30cal Speer 130gr HP's that work GREAT on coyotes out of a .308 Winchester (packed with 46.5gr Varget) and a bag of approximately fifty or so Lapua .308 Winchester cases with CCI and Fed match primers. These are three times fired. Make an offer.

    I'm currently not looking too hard for trades, though a great condition Leupold VX-3 in 2.5-8 or a Remington M700 CDL in .30-06 might get you some play.

    I'm open to fair offers. Feel very free to ask questions!

    Thanks Gents. Matt
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    Oct 2, 2004
    Shilen trigger and Williams BM sold pending funds. Action reduced to $625 shipped.