Custom M700 .338 RUM For Sale or Trade

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    M700 Stainless BDL in .338 RUM
    Built by John Ricks--Action Trued and Lapped and Tubb heavy recoil lug installed behind a 27" Pac-Nor #5 taper Stainless Supermatch 1:10" twist barrel. Nestled in a McMillan Sako Varmint pattern stock (bedded with aluminum pillars and marine-tex) with a Decelerator pad. Stock color is 75% black/25% medium grey marble finish. Scope base drilled and tapped to 8-40 and Leupold QRW bases installed.
    Gun comes with Redding bushing dies, 50 loaded rds, several boxes of differest bullets and approx 150 pieces of brass sorted to less than .001" neck thickness variation. Shoots 250 gr Nosler Partitions at just under 3000 fps and into under .75 MOA. Barrel has 180 rds through it currently with no signs of throat erosion. Factory trigger adjusted to 2#. Excellent rifle but I have a do it all .300 RUM and this money can go to other projects....
    Will take $1300.00 for the package plus shipping to your FFL or will entertain interesting trades---McMillan Stocks, Leupold MKIV or NF NXS glass, Kimber, Les Baer, Ed Brown or other high end 1911 .45 ACP pistols, Stainless M700 actions, etc.


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    BTT-- Rifle is back on the market, potential trader backed out...--CJ