Custom 6.5/284- 6mmBR FS or Trade SPF

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    Dec 23, 2006
    I have a switch barrel custom gun i would like to sell or trade. Specs are
    Stolle panda round action with fluted bolt
    Jewell 2 oz trigger
    Davidson bases i think they are 20 moa?
    McMillian tooley stock (blue and black swirl)
    6.5/284 Krieger 1.25" stainless no turn neck 1in8 twist 30" long (approx 800 rnds)
    6mm BR Broughton 1.5" x 26" fluted 1in8 twist no turn neck (2500 rnds) (previous owner won last 2 300yrd matchs with it)
    i also have a action wrench for it .
    I bought it this spring from a fellow who shoots for the US F-class team,and i have never shot it.
    Looking for $1650 shipped or would take partial trade for varmint type 6BR (1in8) or tactical type guns?
    Pics avaliable
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