Custom 338 Edge package, Lawton 7500

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    Jan 24, 2008
    Custom 338 Edge built on Lawton 7500 Action,Single shot,Fluted Bolt ,Lawton 20 MOA Base,Lawrence 30 inch barrel, 1-10 twist, Lawton Muzzle brake, Jewel Trigger set at 12 oz, No Safety, Lone Wolf stock, professionally glass bedded, Comes with Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25x50 scope, Harris S-Series Bipod with Pod-Loc, Rifle is wicked accurate, groups is 3 shot 200 yard with 300 gr SMK, Most accurate rifle I have ever shot, 400 rnds fired, bore looks excellent, Comes with dies, 200 rnds of brass, 100 are brand new cases, 50 of the count is loaded rounds with Berger 300 gr., and also 400 ct. 300 gr SMK, $3,800 for the whole ready to go Package, want to try to sell this first in NW Montana because of so much to ship.

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