Custom 338 Edge. ABS, McMillan, Jewell + more. 300RUM barrel included

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    If you have ever wanted a light weight long-range cannon, this is your opportunity.

    The specs are:

    Remington 700LA right handed Stainless fully squared and trued
    Lightweight firing pin assembly
    Badger bolt knob
    Sako style extractor
    Seekins 20 MOA base (bedded to the action/removable)
    Heavy recoil lug (Pinned to the action)
    Jewell trigger
    Wyatt extended box magazine

    McMillan HTG stock (forest green)
    2 studs on the fore-end
    Pachmyer decelerator recoil pad
    Textured grip and fore-end

    ABS barrel 28" + Brake.
    Rock Creek stainless liner
    10 twist
    Similar to the M24 contour
    338 Edge (no turn neck)
    600 rounds (+/-)
    Titanium brake (removable)
    Bore looks perfect through the Hawkeye

    With the ABS barrel and Seekins base (as shown) she weighs just under 8.5#.

    Lilja stainless steel barrel
    27-3/16" + brake (not removable)
    12 twist
    Similar to the M24 contour and the same as the ABS barrel
    300 RUM (SAAMI chamber)
    1125 rounds (+/-)
    Bore scope shows the typical heat checking of a 300 RUM with 1100+ rounds
    Barrel was set back 1/16" recently to clean up the throat a bit and to change from a tight neck to a SAAMI spec neck

    There are ALOT of things to LOVE about this rifle (with the ABS 338)

    Just a few of the many things you will love:

    1: It is perfectly balanced. Off hand shooting is awesome with this rifle. She will dang near hold herself up.
    2: It is comfortable to carry.
    3: The action is smooth as silk and feed, extracts and functions FLAWLESSLY!
    4: The carry weight to performance ratio coupled with perfect balance just make it a pure joy to own and hunt with.
    5: With the snug head space, brass cases last a very long time. Even FL sizing them. I have never had to set the shoulder back.

    Now for the bad news. A few things you may not like:

    1: She does kick a bit harder than a heavier Edge (there is room for improvment with other brakes).
    2: She is not quite a true 1/2 or sub 1/2 MOA rifle (except for Scenars) as explained below.
    3: Due to her light for caliber stature, your shooting form needs to be good all the time (which should be anyways).

    The 338 barrel will shoot the 225 ACCUBONDs, 250 SMK, 300 SMK and Berger 300 Hybrids well. The Bergers and 300 SMKs shoot the same group size and POI at 300 yards. H1000 is hands down the go to powder for this rifle. 89-90 has been the magic #. 90 has been my MAX load. She has handled more but I keep it safe. She prefers the 215 GMM primers over the 250CCI. I wont lie, it is a finicky rifle and it is not a true 1/2 MOA rig. I assume this is due to her ridiculously light weight. That said, It has shot many sub 1/2 MOA groups and some that were stupid small but it is not a solid 1/2 MOA gun using SMKs and Hybrids. Running 300 grain SMKs and Hybrids, it is a solid .65-.7 MOA gun. Given the size of the targets I have chased with her, I have always been able to live with that. Everything has a trade off. It does shoot the 300 grain Scenars much better but they suck for hunting so I don’t use them. She does kick more than a heavier Edge but find that it is decent all things considered. I don’t cringe upon firing as long as I don’t shoot it back to back days. Velocity is 2727 FPS with the 300 Hybrids. I have never fired the 225's to their potential. 2950 is all I have ran these. New shooters or shooters with poor shooting form may find this to be a frustrating rifle. The better your form, the better she shoots. She is not as forgiving as a heavy 308 or similar. A more experienced shooter will enjoy and appreciate this rifle.

    Aside from 2 hunting situations, rounds have not been fired less than one minute apart and most have been 2 or more minutes. It sounds stupid but the bore scoping sessions agree that it has been a smart choice.

    The 300 RUM still holds a good degree of accuracy. It has been a legitimate 1/4 MOA barrel in the past and will still print 1/4 MOA on occasions but holds 1/2 MOA most of the time. The go to bullets are hands down the 178 AMAX, 180 ACCUBONDS (she LOVES these two) and the 200 grain ACCUBOND. The 200's shoot good but not great. They have always produced a good 1/2-5/8 MOA accuracy but like most 300 RUMs, the peak accuracy is with the 180s. The best powder for this barrel (all things considered) is H50BMG but I have had great luck with RL25 as well. Never tried H1000 and used Retumbo once or twice. RL25 and H50BMG have been the two best. H50 yields less velocity but has been the most stable and consistent choice. The 215 GMM are the only primers I have used in this barrel. I never had a need to try another. I use this barrel to practice so I can extend the life of the 338 ABS barrel.

    Each barrel is head spaced properly. The 338 is snugly fitted against the shoulder of new brass. With the pinned lug, these barrels switch quickly and easily. It only takes the scope 2 clicks vertical and 6 clicks horizontal (0.1 MIL per click) between the barrels. There is no need to remove the stock or scope.

    I am selling this to help fund other projects. I am more comfortable with heavier rifles to boot. I thought about getting a heavier stock such as an A5 or similar but don't want the added bulk (at least for my 'pack' rifle). I am asking $3500.00 USD + 1/2 shipping anywhere in the USA. I am open to some trades or partial trades. I will know if I am interested when you make an offer. Off the top of my head I may be interested in a Mark 4 fixed 16x scope IF in great condition. Right handed 700LA SS (standard bolt face) or custom action. Possibly another complete rifle.

    The Seekins base stays with the rifle as it is bedded to this action. It is still removable. I am not willing to part out either barrel either. They are both fitted to this action as well (IE: head spaced, threaded etc...) Trust me guys, this rifle would cost you an arm and a leg to build from the ground up and that is without the 300 RUM barrel.

    Bi-pod and scope not included.

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    Re: Custom 338 Edge. ABS, McMillan, + more. 300RUM barrel included

    Bump and price reduction.

    Also, I am keeping the Jewell trigger and putting the original 700 trigger (smith tuned to 2.5 crisp clean pounds).

    Also included is 75 peices of brass and whatever 338 cal bullets I have. Some 225 SSTs, 300 grain Hybrids, 225, 250, 300 ACCUBONDS etc...

    $2,500 USD to your FFL anywhere in the USA.
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    Would you take 2900 even. Jim please let me know
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    Nov 18, 2012
    Micheal 2500 is a deal please contact me Jim