custom 300rum AICS

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    Aug 2, 2006
    i hate to do this as i just got it and its kinda my dream rifle but i hit a deer in my new truck and need to get it fixed. only reason for selling.

    Built by Mike Lamb
    Blueprinted 700LA
    Fluted Bolt
    Fluted Firing pin
    Fluted bolt handle
    Farrel Base
    Schnieder 28 inch 12 twist polygonal Varmint contour barrel
    AICS 2.0 Stock in Flat Dark Earth
    AICS Bipod
    AICS Rubber Bipod feet
    AICS Magazines (three of them, all modified by Mike Lamb to accept the 300 RUM)
    AICS Sling
    Badger IMUNS
    Accushot monopod
    S.O. Tech A-5 Skidplate in Coyote Tan
    SKT Industries stock pack in Coyote Tan (holds two AICS mags and Data Card)

    shoots the 190berger vld like a dream. i have shoot it out to 1150yds with ease.
    i am willing to trade like rifles in smaller calibers but i need at least $1000 cash plus trade. other wise $3250 shipped
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    Sep 1, 2009
    whats the weight on this?