Custom 243 A.I. Rem 700 action

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    I couldn't figure out how to edit my post or delete it so sorry for the duplicate AD for the same rifle...needed to add updated pics/info.
    WTS .243 A.I.Rem 700 with Kreiger barrel put together by Matt Spoon of Spoon Custom. The barrel is 20", Kreiger #8 standard target contour, 8 twist. It measures .90 at the muzzle. Rem trigger. The barreled action plus bottom metal has been Duracoated matte black, the crown is mostly stainless (was duracoat but has been mostly removed) The stock is an HS Black with olive web and it is the same model stock HS makes for the LTR rifles. The accuracy is great, one ragged hole at 100 see target...5shot groups at 100 meaure .39/.44 which is typical, great at 600 or even 1000 with the 105 amax comes with 100 rounds of loaded ammo that I loaded on a Dillon 650. round count is somewhere around 350.
    Rifle shipped to your FFL $1000.00
    MK 4 6.5-20x50 mil dot/M1 knob scope available with rifle only for additional $950.00 (including TPS rings/EGW 20moa base)
    Shipped to your FFL . Bipod not inc. conus only, usps mo, checks ok but I have to wait until it clears. Not looking for trades. Feb 12 013.jpg

    Feb 12 012.jpg

    Feb 12 011.jpg
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