Coyote Quick Count

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    Feb 27, 2011
    In football on Offence we had a Quick count. When it was called we went to the line and the quarter back wouldn’t say the usual (Down Set Hut) he would just lean over center and as soon as he did the center would hike the ball. The idea was to surprise the defense and catch them off guard. That’s what happened to me today. I shot a dog on the previous stand. He come in pretty quickly at about the 10 min. mark. So on to the next stand I set the decoy and the E-caller up walked back to the hide, selected the sound ran the volume up, leaned in to my scope to get a look at everything thru it just in time to see a song dog run into my field of view. he was so close 30 feet I missed like a school girl, must have tripped over my skirt, any way I reached over and gabbed the shotgun and took 2 shots hitting him both times killing with the second. According to the time on the caller 40 seconds had elapsed. I have called varmints for about 40 years and that caught me by surprise!!! LOL I thought yall might get a kick out of that. Let me hear your experiences What is your quickest response?