Copper and powder questions???

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    Jan 28, 2008
    I know Iam opening a can of worms here but what the heck! Whats better sweets 7.62 or Barnes CR 10 on copper fouling( Pros and cons of both are welcome, Iam still not sure.)? And how about that pesky carbon buildup. Read stories it becomes harder than the steel it attaches itself to. Have used different types of solvent, seems some are better than others. Havent used any of the foam type all in one wonder cleaners yet but am open to suggestion. I always try to clean my weapons after every range shoot or hunting trip, just want some input on what you guys think. Lots of good knowledge here, glad I joined this site. But I think a clean barrel is an accurate barrel. Understand that bench shooters expect the first round out of a clean barrel to print in the record group, why shouldnt we? I follow a good break in practise, so what do you do after that. I'll take notes and compare to mine and see what we come up with! Thanks everyone!!!!