conetrol base adjustment in alignment with bore

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    Dec 17, 2011
    I havent bought my base ring set yet . I am looking at EAW and Conetrol. Price is steering me to Conetrols. So how do I determine front or back adjustment first ? I could center the back and boresight the front and take it to the range to fine tune the front. What is the correct procedure to center the scope tube with the bore (not parralel on one side but on center of top of bore )? I read the article on leveling the reticle but I know one of You guys Know the proper procedure. Thank You !
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    May 20, 2009
    This how I do it . It may not be how the gunsmiths do it but it works for me .
    Buy a shot saver the type that has a mandrel that goes into the bore.
    I use a Tasco shot saver.
    First centre the scopes reticule . Adjust the windage all the way to one side ( don't force it at the end when it starts to tighten stop ) . Then adjust it all the way back counting the clicks. Then click halfway back .
    Mount the gun in a vise so it is plumb .

    Set up the scope with base side screws still loose but they hold the scope from slipping easily.
    Adjust the scope until you can see the shot saver grid pattern .
    Plumb the scope reticule off the action and then parallel the shot saver grid off the scope reticule . They don't have to be in centre yet just vertically parallel .
    Tighten up the front mount first a bit at a time left and right watching the crosshair on the grid to get it centred in the vertical plain . Get the screws almost tight but not fully tight because you still want some give for the rear mount to centre and move the tube . Then do the same for the rear mount but watching that you don't move the cross hair off it's centred position . When the rear mount is almost tight test any variable power change . A good scope should change power and the reticule should not move from the same position .
    If that checks out then a bit at a time tighten each side to fully tighten while still watching the reticule stays in centre .
    Only left to right is required the vertical centre .
    Of course eye relief and reticule plumb has to be addressed during the setup. This does not address elevation Zero .
    I can get even cheap variable scopes tracking well with this system .
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