comparo - two 300 wby setups

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  1. TommyTheGun

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Looking at one of two 300 Wby setups to buy for hunting at ranges less than 450 yards. My "must have" is 1 MOA, but I'd really like a shade better. Please comment with your relevant experience, things to watch for, etc:

    Thing 1: off the rack Accumark-
    Is this a free floated barrel or does it have the Wby pressure point found on some of their other synthetic stocks ? Have you 300 Accumark drivers had to doctor your guns to get what you wanted and how so?

    Thing2: "Year 1 Mark V action" (Oregon?), SS 26" round Wby barrel (unknown) + brake, McMillan stock (unknown model), glass bedded. Barrel was cryo treated aftermarket.
    This is F/S (good price) from a reliable guy but I have some basic Q's: how "should" the bedding have been done and what would it be looking to fix/improve? Since the stock was swapped from wood - what should I look at in particular or watch for on this gun?

    Thanks -
  2. cinch

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    Jun 4, 2006
    I had an Accumark 338/378 and it was free floated. It was an awesome gun and shot a clover 5 shot at 100. I would reccomend this gun if you wanted a factory gun that will shoot less than an inch. They also have a Krieger barrel.

  3. sewwhat89

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    Jul 26, 2005
    I loaded up some 130 gr Barnes X and TSX for a 270 WM. Both rounds shot around 0.5 MOA. I was able to shoot a 7mm WM a couple years ago with factory WM ammo and 150 gr NP handloads that both would shoot 1/2" groups at 100. The NPs were used to take a couple elk and several deer off my deer lease.

    Firsthand, I have not seen a Weatherby that didn't shoot well.

    I do not know about AccuMarks. Both of these rifles are Mark Vs.
  4. getsmart

    getsmart Well-Known Member

    Jan 2, 2005
    My .300 Accumark had a terrible first round flier problem and inconsistent accuracy. I had the action bedded and now the rifle shoots sub MOA out to 400 yards, then opens up after that.

    I like the rifle, but I am having a custom .300 built by Kirby at the moment.

  5. Hired Gun

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    Apr 21, 2003
    Is the Accumark free floated? Yes. No pressure point.

    Have you 300 Accumark drivers had to doctor your guns to get what you wanted and how so?
    I spent 5 minutes with an allen wrench to get the trigger down to 1 pound.

    With some loads it would shoot .5's and my 257 Accumarks shoot better than that. On my 300 Wby Accumark I was having a little trouble getting the 200 grain Accubonds to shoot right so I skim bedded it and between that and making a seating depth change it now shoots .5" at 100 and 1.5" at 332 yards cross canyon. I only got in one group before the wind cam up and opened it up. Keep in mind I do all my shooting one handed like this and the wind really moves the van around.
  6. TommyTheGun

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    Jun 23, 2006
    Thanks All, for the info.

    Hired Gun- good to see you wear a seatbelt, does that help with recoil?

    Some extra info- I picked up Thing 2 for go at the range (seller is an understanding sort of guy). It's a first year stainless Mark V from Saco in Maine (not Oregon). Barrel has been setback/faced for min freebore. Does that imply the chamber shoulders were tweaked to retain proper headspace? Anyone have good/not experience with these barrels?

    Has McMillan monte-carlo stock, bedded action, floated barrel. Has Burris 4x16 PosiLock (1"... was hoping for 30mm). Builder sez it likes 130gr X, but I'd really like to run 165/180 in it... so... we'll see what happens at the range I guess.