Cody B.,13, takes 6 x 6 elk

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    Jun 15, 2011
    We have had a good season so far this year.
    After a long hard hunt in the Idaho wilderness Cody B., 13 years old, was able to take a very nice 6x6. His dad passed on a 6 x 6 also as he did not want to take an elk before his son on the hunt.
    A number of our hunters did well also. With the elk in rut the back country was alive with the sound of their bugling. The hunters packed in to the high mountain valleys and enjoyed the smell of camp coffee in the mornings.
    September was a little warm but we now have a good dusting of snow above 5 or 6 thousand feet and look forward to the start of the rifle season in our Montana operation.
    There are even a few tags available if anybody wants to consider a last minute Idaho or Montana Elk hunt.
    We do look forward to our winter Lion and Wolf combo hunts in Idaho this year also.
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