CNN - Lou Dobbs on Obama, Holder, and the 2nd Amendment

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    Jan 27, 2008
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    Just sent this one off earlier tonight, We should all take the time to contact out represenatives.

    Honerable Senator Russ Feingold,

    I write this letter in the hopes that your aids will actually show it to you and
    not filter out your constituents voice.

    I am a small buisness owner in Pittsville Wisconsin, I met you while working at
    Lodi Meats about 19 years ago. Although I have not always agreed with your
    politics, I do respect you for your commitment to this country.

    I have never been more concerned about where this country is headed than I do at
    this time. Financial problems effect us all but we always seem to find a way to
    survive. Yet the government has initiated corperate welfare at the tax payers
    expense. Bailing out a company that can no longer manage itself, and meet the
    demands of the market, will hurt the companys that can. If GM fails, Ford and
    Cryslers sales will increase, thus they will not need government hand-outs.
    GM's subcontractors will find new markets and adjust accordingly.

    The Banking bailout was a joke. It created no stimulus, or economic positives,
    If anything it will prolong the suffering, as the Country hemroges money to
    millionare executives. You and you constituents failed the people of this
    Country, by taking no action in the regulation of companys recieving taxpayer
    funds, and limiting the payments to unqualified and inept CEOs and Executives.

    Please I ask that you take the floor and push for heavy handed regulation of any
    company, bank or buisness, that seeks taxpayer funds. Including those Government
    agencies that seek more money. As I and every american tightens our belt in the
    hopes of weathering this storm, I hope that the sacrifices the masses make, are
    not for the gain of a few.

    Please dedicate this year as your year to look out for the little guy.

    With the seating of Eric Holder as A.G., I have yet another concern. Overhanded
    rules and regulations affecting the firearms and ammunition manufacturing and
    sales. We the people, and now the Courts have made it absolutly clear that the
    Second Amendment is an individuale right. A recent USA Today poll with close to
    1 million responses, showed a 98% belief that the 2nd Amendment is an individual

    Please keep the likes of Pelosi, Fienstien, and Schummer off of more restrictive
    regulation and unfair taxation of the industry.

    I am a father of three and a small buisness owner, I don't expect a bailout, and
    I pray to God the Government dosn't put me out of buisness.

    Respectfully yours,
    James See, owner
    Center Shot Rifles llc
    5331 2nd ave.
    Pittsville WI 54466


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    Thanks for posting this link.
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    And once again I am SO PROUD TO BE FROM WYOMING!