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    Jun 13, 2007

    Raven Wear Super heavy polar fleece vest (XL) and hat (Large). Never worn. Raven Wear is the super warm Canadian clothing lline. Cost over $200, Sell for $110 shipped.


    L-R top row

    8x30 Aimpoint waterproof and armored binos (think that they are Jena which is East German Zeiss) $150 shipped

    sencond row L to R

    Saeco Lead Hardness tester for measuring hardness of lead bullets. In box with instructions. Cost $125, sell $100 shipped

    Wiley X goggles/sunglases with extra temples, clear and sunglass lenses in hard and soft case. $55 shipped

    Sinclair metplat trimmer in 30 cal with extra 6mm body. $55 shipped.

    STiller 1" rings with 20 MOA built in. For stiller actions or davidson bases. Brand new in packing. Cost $125, sell for $100 shipped.


    Trophy Ridge 5 pin Archery site, with .29 pins. can be move without tools. LED light on top. Also includes 2X scope lens on the front of the site. Cost $225 sell for $100 shipped.

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