Cleaning out safe to fund new project

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    Sep 23, 2006
    1) it. I bought it to shoot then decided to go another direction. $1,200.00 includes shipping & insurance to your FFL. 6BR on Rem 700SA, Pac Nor 28” 1-14 Twist barrel, Sako extractor, Jewell 1.5 – 3 oz. BR trigger, MBR stock with Decelerator pad, Redfield one piece base and rings. Less than 150 rounds through

    2) Remington 22-250 BDL(1970’s manufacture) varminter barreled action in custom A Fancy Walnut stock. Unertel 12 power scope with external micrometer adjustments, screw on caps and receiver + barrel bases, light pitting on tube and caps, optics great. Less than 200 rounds through it. $950.00 complete, or $500.00 each for the rifle and scope separate. * Plus shipping.

    3) Custom .260AI on blueprinted 700SA, Shilen SS 28” 1-8 Twist barrel, Rem trigger, BDL bottom metal, and nicely figured factory walnut stock, pillar and skim bedded, Burris one piece base and standard height rings. Less than 20 rounds through it, all for barrel break in and fire forming. $950.00 * Plus shipping.

    4) BSA Contender 8 – 32 X 50 Scope, New in box with all papers. $85.00

    5) Shepard V-1 6 – 18 X 44 Scope, mounted but never shot, no ring marks. $498.00

    6) Redding 357 Max. Profile CR Carbide die $10.00; RCBS 357 Max. Carbide Seating Die. $10.00; Redding 357 Carbide Profile CR Die. $10.00. * Plus shipping.

    7) Dillon Precision 44 Mag. 3 Die Carbide set. $45.00. * Plus shipping.

    8) RCBD 280 Rem. 2 Die Carbide set. (New, Never used). *20.00

    9) Burris 2 Piece base for Savage Model 12 (New in packaging) *15.00

    Please send e-mail request for photo's to, thanks.
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    Jun 13, 2007
    email sent on the 357 max dies.


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    What is your new project, some of us might have some components you might need and would trade for some of your stuff. Christmas makes cash pretty scarce and father tax man makes it even more difficult. I have some interest in the 260 Acklie