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    Jan 17, 2006

    I too find my self cleaning up the reloading room making way for Spring. All prices that include shipping are CONUS only.

    3 boxes of Western Super X (yellow boxes) of 225 Winchester 55 gr Pointed soft point ammo. This is brand new stuff, not reloads. $60 plus shipping.

    1 box of W-W 8mm Mauser 1X brass. This is in the old white box. Make me an offer.

    1 ox of Norma 6.5 Jap virgin brass. This is in the old wood grain Norma box. Make me an offer.

    267 Hornady 338 225 gr Interbonds (2 unopened/ 1 partial) $135 shipped

    98 Hornady 338 225 gr Interlock Spire Points $25 shipped

    98 Nosler 225 gr Accubonds $65 shipped

    26 Nosler 200 gr Accubonds $15 shipped