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    Dec 16, 2008
    so i have looked into a few differnt more affordable rifles i still cant decide on the one to choose. rem 700 sps 7mm rum, rem 700 sps 300 rum and the savage long range hunter 6.5x284 norma i have shot my dads 300 rum several times the recoil doesnt bother me but i do hear alot of talk about the barrel life in the ultra mags ? i will be loading my own shells so hopefully that will make it a little more affordable to shoot, allso i have heard that the reason the sps is so much lower in price is the bolts/ actions are not nearly as well finished as the bdl/cdl , just trying to sort out some of the bs i read. so if anyone can shine some light on the goods and bads of these rifles/best for elk. that would be great .