choate stock and barrels

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    Dec 3, 2008
    I have a Choate stock for a savage model 10, I also have the Barrel that went with it, 308 heavy barrel. Law enforcement 20 inch. one in ten twist. And i have a Barrel for a ruger M77 22 inch one in ten twist 300 win mag. If anyone is interested. 100 dollars for 308 barrel. 100 dollars for 300 win mag barrel which is magna ported at tip. And Choate stock will sell for 150 dollars. Thanks. Kyle..
    I have picts of them but i can email them. My email is Located at the new york area
    The 308 has only twenty rounds through it. Fusion 165 are monsters through it. This barrel is not even broke in yet. But was cleaned after each twenty of the rounds. It does shoot tight. Just not what i wanted .