Checking Maximum Case Overall Length Methods

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    Apr 15, 2013
    I have found numerous postings on the "best way to check OAL" Some have cut slits in cases measure with a cleaning rod... ETC

    This was my method last night,

    I took a Sized and De-Primed Case.

    I filed the inside of the case with a chainsaw file till I could get a bullet to slide in and out barehanded.

    I then used my crimp die to tighten it to my liking.

    Then I placed a bullet in the case at its longest possible length to still sit square,

    I tipped my rifle toward the ground dropped the assembled round in. Cycled the bolt and pulled, out a set to max length round. When I pulled the round out I carefully held the round straight as my ejector puts a lot of side pressure and was pushing the bullet out of square.

    Depending on the Bullet My OAL was between 2.722 and 2.709

    I did each bullet 3 times to make sure I was actually true, and I did have to tightened the case a little after 3-4 tries to keep the round from sticking in the rifling.

    I wrote the Maximum length of the round on the box of each type of bullet. I put the "shaved case" on a shelf with sharpie to use it everytime I get a new slug to try.

    Any other methods out there this took about 30 mintues to check 5 different types of bullets including making the case.