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    Jan 12, 2008
    Maybe not the most common thing around here, with all the fiberglass and stainless steel, but can anyone direct me to a good online guide for checkering, or a book that will tell me how to do it?


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    Jul 1, 2002
    I ordered my tools , templates and a couple guides from Brownells a few years ago and it helped a good bit when I was playing with that stuff , it all got ruined with hurricane Katrina or I'd offer to let you try it out.

    a realy nice wood stock with well cut checkering realy sets a gun appart from the rest of the crowd , I did a stock for a Dr. friend of ours on a very fine piece of AAA Claro Walnut stock he had made , it turned out great but it sure was nerve racking. I also did a misquite (sp) stock for myself that was cut from the biggest misquite tree I have ever even heard of , turned out great but that gun was also lost in the storm.

    I stock to symthetics and laminats now days and don't bother checkering them ,I don't have the nerve for that

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    Feb 5, 2005
    When you practise use hard wood not soft, the tips break and it is harder to keep your lines straight. As was said earlier buy good tools and buy or build a strong ridged cradle, start with a simple pattern. Frustration is your worst enemy so eliminate as much as possible. I believe their are some planes for a cradle at The Gunsmiths :: Index if you can't find them there ask for them and one of the smiths their will send you a copy.