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    Feb 19, 2009
    hi lm wondering if there is any kind of chart l can use for my nightforce NSX 8-32-56 mounted on my 7mm rem mag hunting rifle ??
    l know there is heeps of balistic calculators but havent came across anything about how many clicks l need to dial and stuf.
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    Feb 3, 2011
    Your user manual should tell you what the click values are.

    If it is a mil based scope, usually there are ten clicks per mil. One mil is 3.4MOA.

    If it is an MOA based scope it's probably 1 click = 1/4 MOA. 1 MOA equals about 1.04" at 100yds.

    Once you figure out what your click values are and the scale you set up you drop chart in either Mils or MOA.

    If your drop at 600yds is 3.7 Mils and you have a mil based scope with .10 click values, you dial up from 0-3Mils plus 7 clicks.

    If your drop at 600yds is 18.2 MOA and you have a MOA bases scope with 1/4 MOA click values you dial up from 0-18 plus one additional click.

    If you don't have the user manual for that scope go to the NF site and look it up.

    You can set up a ballistic calculator to figure your drop chart in either mils or MOA depending on which works with your scope.

    You don't want to even begin to try counting clicks for big adjustments. If it's 47 clicks, it's damned easy to get off so dial up the MOA on the scale and then add the number of clicks that remain.

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    Nov 6, 2007
    Just use the one on this website. Look on the brown bar at the top of the screen and click on "G7 Ballistics Calculator"
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    Dec 12, 2011
    BulletFlight is a ballistics calc that will give you click values (you set mil or MOA) for holdover.

    You need current atmospheric conditions, MV, and can look up BC of your bullet on their catalogue to get a solution. You can either get output as a rangecard (holdover every 25 yds out to your max) or for a specific shot (screen-shot below).

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    This is my chart...I make one for every LR rig I own. I love my Shooter progam, but sometimes there just isn't time to plug in the numbers...or my puke phone is dead, or its 20 below and I don't want to freeze my digits!!

    When I make the chart I plug in to the computer the most likly environmental parameters that I am likely to see. If a big weater change happens I simply make up a new drop chart.

    This chart on my Edge gives me Drops out to 1500 yards in 25 yard incraments and the wind chart (100 % wind values) out to 1500 yards with wind speed in 5 mph incrauments from 5 to 30 this case in MOA for my NP-R1.

    As I have stated before......I wring out each and every gun to make sure that the impact points are spot on....multiple times. That is a BIG part of my load development. Many times one needs to tweak the imputs on the computer to make the projected drops actually match the actual drops. VERY IMPORTANT!!!

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