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    Short necks=short throat life??
    I read all the post on this subject and it raised the question to me about all of the later 03-A3's were double heat treated (case hardened)and a lot of malitary weapons had chrome plated barrels. why not now in the throats of our new weapons. P.O. Akley stated that sharp shoulders with long necks were always the best for less throat ware.
    So I think if you have a tight neck chamber and turned case necks with no clearence and throat cut same size as bullet dia. chrome plated barrel throat ware would not be a problem
    and bullets would always be straight in line with bore from the start.
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    Sep 3, 2004
    I would bet that if you could make it work, you wouldn't have to worry about money anymore! "That's good, one less thing", as Forrest Gump says.
    By the way, I was the one who posted <u>short necks=short thoat life</u> and you just reminded me where I read some of that literature. PO Ackley stated that same thing! Thanks for the post.