Carbon Extreme 300 WSM [long]

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    Aug 3, 2006
    Well, I'm fairly new to the site and the really long range stuff, but I'm tryin to learn and gettin lotsa help. Before I learned of Kirby Allen and Shawn Carlock and the boomers they will assemble, [ I will have one sometime soon, I hope] I purchased a Christensen Arms Carbon Extreme 300 WSM. I have finally gotten a piece of glass on it and started to find out if it will shoot. Thought I'd post the initial results as I found it hard to find much in the way of reviews. The gun is built around a Reminton 700 short action, 24" Shilen barrel 1-10 twist, 4 groove, turned and carbon wrapped with removable Brake, I believe the stock is Christensen's carbon stock with Simm's recoil pad. The Bolt is turned with spiral flutes, and is squared with the action. The trigger is worked and is very crisp with no creep at all. I mounted a Leupold VX-L 4.5-14x56 LR with the Boone and Crockett reticle on Leupold rings and Dual Dovetail bases. The whole package weighs 7lbs 3 oz. Oh yea, It will Kick the dog snot out of you.

    The first loads I tried were, New Norma brass, primer pockets and flash hole reamed, Federal 215's, 165 grn Scirocco II's and I started with 67 grns of IMR4831, and went up in 1 grn increments to 70 grns. Chrono didn't catch every round but it averaged 2867 with 67 grns and went up to 3115 with 70 grns. Best 5 shot group was with 70 grns at 1.25" and starting to show pressure marks on the brass. No heavy bolt.

    I wasn't too happy. also have a appx 2" place in the middle of the barrel that requires alot more cleaning than the rest of the barrel.

    Came home and worked up some other loads. Finally got close now with, Norma brass, Federal 210's, 165 grn Scirocco's on top of 65Grns of IMR 4350. Chrono wouldn't work, but the 5 shot group came down to .6 at 100 yards. Now I'm much happier. Maybe a little more load work and it will really shoot. I want to see what it will do with the Accubonds.

    So, overall I can say I'm pretty happy with the gun. The action work and trigger are very good. After viewing the Shilen barrel with a scope, it seems a little rough to me. The Brake is kinda buggin me, it blows back into my face, it also has burrs around each port on the inside. The stock seems to be alright and I really like the Simm's pad. This was purchased to be a mountain rifle and it just might make it. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

    I need to add that a friend of mine who knows a whole lot more about the technical aspect of this sport [competition reloading] is helping me. This gun is intended for hunts where the shot range may go out to 600-700 yards. Close for many but not for me /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
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    Nov 10, 2005
    Just ran these yesterday while at the ranch across the Oehler 35 10 feet from muzzle and all are 155 Palma fired at 100yds out of a 24 inch #4 Krieger. Next week I will be tweaking a little and moving a couple of the keeper loads to 600. These were safe in MY RIFLE and do not exceed the “book loads for Sierra but my cases, primers, chamber and barrel were different” I used prepared Norma brass. Winds were 5 to almost 20 temp started at 48 and was 68 when I finished—I love wind flags!

    RL 22 = 72.1gr

    1. 3628
    5. 3254 forgot to write 2,3,4 down but the Oehler still had the averages

    High 3262 Low 3227 Avg 3246 ES 35fps 5 shots measured .91

    RL 19 = 72.0 gr

    1. 3265
    2. 3253
    3. 3257
    4. 3245
    5. 3249

    High 3265 Low 3245 ES 20 SD 7 Avg Vel 3253 5 shots measured .64

    IMR 4350 69.0 gr

    1. 3303
    2. 3308
    3. 3308
    4. 3336
    5. 3308

    High 3336 Low 3303 ES 33 Avg Vel 3312 SD 13 5 shots measured .51

    H4350 72.0 gr

    1. 3375
    2. 3372
    3. 3399
    4. 3382
    5. 3379

    High 3399 Low 3372 ES 27 Avg Vel 3381 SD 10 5 shots measured .64

    IMR 4831 72.0 gr

    1. forgot to write it down
    2. 3336
    3. 3327
    4. 3320
    5. 3311

    High 3336 Low 3311 ES 25 3324 Avg Vel SD 9 5 shots measured .82

    BTW shot my Warp 7 among others yesterday and a 20 degree difference in outside temps lost me 70 fps with RL 25. Temps do have an impact--keep this in mind!! I always shoot in the Summer, Fall and Winter over the Oehler to be sure.

    Sorry about the problems you are having--Speedy builds my sporters and competition rifles and I never have any issues--not even one. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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    Dec 20, 2002
    [ QUOTE ]
    lost me 70 fps with RL 25.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    Same thing happened to me, temperature dropped 30 degrees and lost exactly 100 fps. This was in 300 RUM with RL25.