Can I shoot 240gr. MK's in 300wsm?

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  1. TacticalHits

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    Dec 6, 2007
    Hey, I am in the process of building a long range rifle in 300wsm and was wondering if the Short Mag has enough power to shoot the 240gr Matchkings out of a Hart 30" barrel with (1-9" twist) on a Savage action? I am hoping for target hits out to 1500yds. I know the 300WM can push these bullets this far, but can the 300WSM do the same? I already have the rifle and do not plan to change to a different caliber even if this setup is not possible. I just want to see what the 300WSM is capable of, and had heard good things about the 240MK's!

    Thanks Nathan,
  2. James Jones

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    Jul 1, 2002
    With the 1-9 twist they will certainly work , alot of guys shoot them out of 300 winmags and 300RUM with a 1-10. You won't be able to get close to the velocity that the 300 win mag can due to less powder but it will certainly get them out their

  3. MachV

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    May 31, 2001
    I shot dogs with a guy a few years ago that was useing 240MKs and the WSM case, if memory serves he was getting 2450fps. The gun was set up soley for long range and we where shooting past 2000 yards that weekend.
    Notice barrel angle vrs the scope angle in the far setup,he was useing a Harbor Engeneering mount. The wind that weekend really made it tuff shooting that far, we got close a few times but never did a dog past 2000. He did however get into the 2000 yard club with this unit the next time he went out. [​IMG]