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    Oct 24, 2005
    well I have officially lost all respect for Michael Waddel.... I just watched a show with him hunting Elk in New Mexico and there was some creative editing to say the least. He shot a MONSTER bull elk and watching the shot he hit the elk in the front left elbow. Now they show them following the trail and when the show Michael he still has 4 arrows in the quiver. When they finally walk up on him he has 2 arrows..... We all make shots we wish we could have back but at least they could show the fact that he made a terrible shot. Show us how you stalked on him for the kill shot. Then to top it off they take the elk to a meat packer and the packer finds an arrow still in the animal. Micheal says it's another hunters arrow from the year before..... somehow I doubt it... Just admit you made a bad shot!
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    I saw that last night too. I didnt notice the arrows in the quiver but it did look like a bad shot or at least a near miss. But theres no way he hit it in the leg. If you are from colorado I would think you have shot an elk or 2. I can tell you for a fact if he hit it in the leg they never would have found that elk. It had to of made in the chest cavity and made the elk real sick, and an insurance arrow or one to put it down quicker makes sence but the first shot was absolutly a kill shot. I have chased elk with broken legs and you cant catch them.
    I agree though they should have showed the whole story. It goes right in there with Best Of the west hitting a mule deer buck in the ass and clearly cutting away as it fell and got back up to drag itself down hill on the front 2 legs then next shot showing a dead deer and not mentioning the fact that they undoubtedly put another bullet in it. The outdoor channel only allows certain things to be shown. (one of the things they require is broadside shots with few exceptions) So I wouldnt be too hard on Michael because he didnt do the editing the company he works for did. I am sure all the footage was there but only the good stuff was shown.