Camera Land's Weekly Sale - Vortex Week

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    Dec 3, 2007
    This is Vortex SHOT Show sample week here at Camera Land. We just received a HUGE shipment from Vortex of their SHOT Show samples. This is a wonderful opportunity to get the Vortex that you have been thinking about at a great price and Yes, they do still come with the industries finest VIP Lifetime No Fault Warranty.

    Razor Series:
    12x50 RZR-1250EU $729.99
    10x50 RZR-1050EU $719.99
    8.5x50 RZR-8550EU $699.99
    10x42 RZR-1042EU $649.99
    8x42 RZR-0842EU $639.99

    Viper Series:
    15x50 VPR-150-VX $499.99
    10x50 VPR-105-VX $489.99
    8.5x50 VPR-855-VX $489.99
    12x42 VPR-12-VX $459.99
    10x42 VPR-10-VX $449.99
    8x42 VPR-08-VX $439.99

    Fury Series:
    10x42 FRY-4310 $299.99
    8x42 FRY-4308 $289.99
    10x28 FRY-10-X $199.99
    8x28 FRY-8-X $199.99

    Vulture Series:
    12x50 VTR-5012 $229.99
    12x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5012 $229.99
    10x50 VTR-5010 $209.99
    10x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5010 $209.99
    8.5x50 VTR-5085 $199.99
    8.5x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5085 $199.99

    Diamondback Series:
    10x42 DBK-4210 $174.99
    10x42 Coyote DBKCOY-4210 $174.99
    8x42 DBK-428 $164.99
    8x42 Coyote DBKCOY-428 $164.99

    Hurricane Series:
    10x28 HRC-10 $124.99
    10x28 Coyote HRCCOY-10 $124.99
    8x28 HRC-08 $114.99
    8x28 Coyote HRCCOY-08 $114.99

    Crossfire Series
    10x42 CFR-4210 $119.99
    8x42 CFR-4208 $109.99

    Spitfire Series:
    10x32 SPR-3210 $124.99
    8.5x32 SPR-3285 $114.99
    10x25 SPR-2510 $89.99
    8x25 SPR-2508 $84.99

    Lightening Series:
    10x32 LGT-3010 $84.99
    8x32 LGT-3008 $74.99

    Vanquish Series:
    10x26 VNQ-1026 $89.99
    8x26 VNQ-0826 $84.99

    Typhoon Series:
    10x26 TPH-1026G $69.99
    8x26 TPH-826G $59.99

    Spotting Scopes
    Skyline Series:
    Skyline 20-60x80 Straight $339.99
    Skyline 20-60x80 Angled $359.99
    Skyline 20-60x80 ED Straight $579.99
    Skyline 20-60x80 ED Angled $599.99

    Nomad Series:
    Nomad 20-60x60 Straight $279.99
    Nomad 20-60x60 Angled $299.99

    Impact Series:
    IMT-70 $159.99


    Viper Series:
    2-7x32 Matte, V-Plex VPR-M-02P $259.99
    3.5-10x50 Matte V-Plex VPR-M-03P $349.99
    3-9x40 Matte V-Plex VPR-M 01P $289.99
    4-12x40 Matte V-Plex VPR-M-04P $374.99
    6.5-20x44 Matte V-Plex Wide VPR-M-05FP $399.99
    6.5-20x50 V-Plex Wide VPR-M-06FP $439.99

    Diamondback Riflescope:
    1.75-5x32 Matte V-Plex DBK-M-08P $139.99
    2-7x32 Matte V-Plex DBK-M-07P $144.99
    3.5-10x50 Matte V-Plex DBK-03-P $194.99
    3-9x40 Matte V-Plex DBK-M-01P $149.99
    4-12x40 Matte V-Plex DBK-M-04P $159.99

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    As always, thank you for your continued support.