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    Dec 3, 2007
    We are working very hard to get all kinds of deals from the manufacturers. We have now added an NRA Show Sample Page to our website, filled with all kinds of goodies from Zeiss, Pentax and Minox.

    Nikon has been working with us too.
    We just got in some Nikon demos of:
    #7506 8x20 Premier LX-L @ $279.99
    #7507 10x25 Premier LX-L @ $289.99
    #7505 10x32 Premier LX-L @ $599.99
    #7502 8x42 Premier LX-L @ $749.99
    #7503 10x42 Premier LX-L @ $799.99
    #7346 8x42 Venturer LX @ $649.99
    #7437 12x42 Monarch ATB @ $229.99
    #7503 10x42 Premier LX-L @ $799.99

    We appreciate the continued support and will keep hitting all the manufacturers to keep bringing these deals to you.

    BTW, your response to the 5 Vortex models we have offered in off colored Coyote Tan has been overwhelming.
    We do still have plenty of the:
    Vulture Series:
    12x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5012 $159.99
    10x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5010 $159.99
    8.5x50 Coyote VTRCOY-5085 $159.99
    Diamondback Series:
    10x42 Coyote DBKCOY-4210 $129.99
    8x42 Coyote DBKCOY-428 $129.99

    Thanks again for all the support and have a great day.