C-LEVEL New Scope Reticle Leveler Tool

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    New Product Release:


    The "C-Level" is a Simple, Practical tool that assists you in leveling the reticle of your scope when mounting it, and is made from aircraft grade aluminum.



    To use the "C-Level," slide it in-between the slots of a Picatinny Rail or rest it on top of one of the two piece rail assembly. It's magnets will hold it in place. Once in place, align the top edge of the "C-Level" with any straight edge object that is fifteen yards or more in front of you. This cold be a target frame, the top of a hand rail, a garage door; any object that has a straight edge to it.

    Once the "C-Level" is aligned with a straight object, look into your scope, reduce the power, and if possible, remove any parallax. Now, align the horizontal stadia with the same object. Now, tighten down the cap screws and you are done. Your reticle is straight and level.

    I have a few C-Levels with a less than perfect finish. (Two part Epoxy paint). If you don't mind that, I'll offer a group buy, $9.00 each + shipping. ($5.00 USPS priority mail). Offer good through Oct.

    Suggested Retail Price is $15.99
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    May 2, 2001
    Santa Claus delivered my unexpected and free sample of Ward's new tool yesterday. I responded to him in my email: Ward, Thank you! Wow is this thing simple and effective. In my business we always say that if you have unlimited money anyone can design a good house. But it takes real skill to design when constrained by budget. In that context this is superb.

    I like simple designs that aren't complicated and don't have moving parts. When I think of all the scopes I have had to level in the past...this thing is so easy to understand and to use. This would make a great stocking stuffer.

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    Len, I am thrilled that you like it. BTW, Sug. Ret. is $15.99 and made in the US.