Buyer/Seller ratings?

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    Aug 17, 2007
    First off, I don't have any OD green or red socks but my son gave me permission to use his red spongebob stocking cap. It's on my feet now and with the risk of sounding affeminate, it feels good on this rainey WA day. Point being, I am legitimate here so maybe you guy's will here me out. I am fairly new here and love this board. I have gotten some very good information here and have picked up a couple of good deals through the classifieds. In the last month I have had two attempted transactions that have left me somewhat suspicious of a few people, and very frustrated. I just attempted to purchase/ trade for a sightron siii on the classifieds here, the guy stated that he would like to trade for a leupold VXII 3-9x40 . One person offered him one in a gloss finish and he turned it down because he wanted a matte finish. I have one in matte finish so I posted on the board and pmed him. He told me my scope plus $75 and I said OK. A day later he calls me and said that someone on the sight claimed that he had sent a pm ( which the seller didn't recieve) claiming that he responded first and was offering the cash, and had rights to the scope. He did not post on the board, but responded first? That is the sellers story, so he backed out on our deal. The second episoide was someone that posted a Leupold VX3 4.5-14 for sale asking $475. It had been on here for awhile when I responded. Seller told me to go to e-bay and reserve was $475. I bid the $475 and was leeding then someone outbid me so I bid a little higher and they out bid me again by five bucks ( now the price has creept up about ten dollars over the reserve price) so I just let it go. Low and behold I recieved a notice the next day saying the buyer had backed out and the scope was being offered to me for the highest bid price. Humm... a little odd don't you think. The scope showed up back here on the classifieds a week later but at that point I did not want to do business with that person. Now I know that some of you might allready be thinking ,welcome to the real world or, how naive, or, what did you expect... Well I expect that if I am an honest and ethical person I should be treated as such. I bet there are a lot of you out there that feel similarly. So do we have to let those few bad apples spoil our perception of the whole barrel? I don't like doing business in that world! Many of you have been here long enough to know who to trust, but newbies such as myself lack that knowledge. I would like to see postings on who has conducted transactions honestly and ethically and reserve my business for them. That way if I choose to do business with someone who hasn't gotten an established track record then I will know to apply a "buyer beware" attitude but won't have to be suspicious of everyone. If you are honest, you should be treated accordingly IMHO. Thanks for hearing me out guy's.
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