Butch the rooster

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    Jun 7, 2004
    Got this in an email;

    A chicken farmer whose business was to provide fertilized eggs had several hundred hens, and ten roosters whose job was to fertilize the eggs. The farmer kept meticulous records and any rooster who wasn't performing went into the pot. This was all very time consuming, so he came up with a plan to attach a small bell to each rooster, each with a different tone, so he could monitor the roosters' performance without leaving his porch. His favorite rooster was "old Butch", a consistent, enthusiastic performer. One morning as he listened to the busy bells, he realized that old Butch's bell was silent. When he went to investigate, the other 9 roosters were busy chasing the hens, bells a-ringing. The hens were running and hiding from the bell-ringers, but he was amazed to see old Butch walking around with his bell in his beak to silence it, then sneaking up on an unsuspecting hen and doing his business, then moving on to another and another.

    He was so proud, he entered him in the county fair, where the judges awarded old Butch the coveted "No bell Piece Prize" and the equally desirable "Pullet Surprise" medal.

    Old Butch was a born politician. How else could he have figured out a way to win two world-famous awards simply by being the best at sneaking up on the population and screwing them while they weren't looking?
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    Sadly how true that is :)

    A whole bunch of his cronies are running right now!