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    Nov 30, 2010
    Now for my longest confirmed shot on a Coyote. Same Team Rabbiddog members We have Don,Colby my son and me.
    Calling on some BLM land I hunt off and on.
    So there's not much to hide behind except a small burm of dirt and thats where it happened. We called for almost 20 mins and hadn't seen anything moving so I pause the caller and take one last look around and find a Coyote coming hard our way and if it stays on track it would give my son a nice clean shot on it.
    Well just as it got about 100 out the breeze pick up and it came from our back and went right to the Coyote. It stops and turn and heads out. Bummer......then it stops turns to face us so I'm thinkin it around 250 or so I line em up and squeeze the trigger BOOM,FLOP......
    Colby starts laughing and he said I saw fur fly..........
    Shot him with my new Savage mdl 10 Predator in 243 shooting an 87 gr vmax.
    Don paced it off at 319 yards and even funnier is it was a head shot.......I'll take it.

    On to the next one.
    I took Sam my Coyote hunting dog out on some BLM behind my house.
    Called a young one in after 12 mins 80 yd shot and then I cut Sam loose so he could go find it cause he never saw it come in but he went the direction my rifle was pointed don't know how he figured that out but he did and went almost right to it. He is a good hunting partner.

    Sorry there is more hope you all like hunting stories.......
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    See questions on one of your other posts.

    I'm pretty much spell bound.:D