Business Trip

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    Mar 13, 2010
    A man calls home while on a business trip. little girl answers the phone and the man say "I need to talk to mom"

    little girl "mom is upstairs with uncle Joe"

    man "uncle Joe, we don't have an uncle Joe"

    little girl "well that's what she said"

    man "I want you to go upstairs and tell her that dad just pulled in the drive way, watch and see what she and uncle Joe do and come back and tell me."

    little girl "ok"

    the man waits and the little girl comes back

    man "so did you tell her"

    little girl "ya"

    man "so what happened"

    little girl "so mom jumped out of bed, she didn't have much cloths on and started running around panicking and slipped and hit her head on the dresser"

    man "what about uncle Joe"

    little girl "well he panicked to and jumped out of bed and ran to the window and jumped into the swimming pool but her forgot you drained the pool and hit the concrete and is just laying there in a puddle of blood."

    man "we don't have a swimming pool. What number did I dial?"