Burris Full Field II TAC Reticle Questions

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    Nov 29, 2010
    I have several Burris FF II Tact 6.5 x 20 x 50 mm scopes with the Ballistic MIL Dot reticles, all on different guns.

    Does anyone know how to "Mathematically" calculate the measurement of the distance between the "Tic" marks on the ballistic (lower) portion of the reticles?

    IE: from the first tic to the second tic is 1.0 MOA, or 1", or 1.0 MIL and from the second to the third and so on.

    I can't get an answer from Burris, I've sent them three different messages.

    The other way I thought about doing this is with each gun, shoot at the desired sight in distance on the center cross hairs, then drop down to the first tic while at the same sight in distance and measure the distance the group moved up and do this for each tic and the same process for each gun.

    Does that make sense, as I think the distance will change with the ballistics of each gun and the testing conditions?

    Any comments or suggestions would save me a lot of time at the range, and as expensive and non-available powder and bullets are right now, I'm not crazy about burning all those rounds.

    Thanks, Paul