Burris Euro Diamond 3-12X50mm 3P#4 E-dot

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  1. BravoEMike

    BravoEMike Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2004

    I have read all the threads on Burris I could find,
    I would like to thank everyone for there post on this subject!
    ...and, I am curious if any members have any experience with these scopes,
    all opinions are solicited, and welcome.

    Rifle: Ruger Manlicher Carbine caliber .308 win.
    Hunting: Laurel Highlands of Western Pennsylvania...Deer
    Conditions: Stand/Still hunting,
    mostly densely wooded, with some opportunities to 300 yds.,
    These rifles were bought for my grandsons (2)...Christmas last year...
    so this year it is time to get them a scope.
    The rifles will be used for most hunting in Central Pennsylvania,
    i.e. ground hogs, fox, coyote, as this is there first centerfire rifle.
    The rifles have not been fired since purchase.
    Looked at Ziess Conquest...and my thoughts/conclusions:
    I liked the Burris better, thought they were brighter.
    Also...like the idea of illuminated reticle with the dot,
    My thoughts are...they can always dial down in power...hence not as firm a direction with the 2.5-10X50mm 3P#4 E-dot Burris.
    3.5-10X56mm Sightron 4A illuminated...was explored some, but is more expensive, bigger heavier!!
    ...as was the Ziess 3-12X 56mm!
    ...and, I gotta' buy, two.

    Bruce ~~___/)~*~
  2. ScottBerish

    ScottBerish Well-Known Member

    Jul 1, 2008
    I'll give you my honest opinion. Right now, Burris is producing some very shoddy scopes. I took a Black Diamond 6-24x50 mildot in trade and it is really bad. The glass is OK, but the reticle has distortion on it's lower part, you can see all the little screw and machining marks inside the tube while looking through the scope. The O-ring that seals in the objective is covered in grease that leaches onto the objective. The finish is soft and shows ring marks at a harsh word. The mag ring and side focus have a sorry feel to them. The scope looks like a clone of the Pentax Lightseeker 30.

    Right now, of the big names, I would avoid Pentax and Burris!!

  3. BravoEMike

    BravoEMike Well-Known Member

    Jun 21, 2004
    Scott, thank you for your adivce...

    I walked into Shuman's Gun Shop yesterday afternoon,
    ...and found two Zeiss Conquest 3-9 X 40mm scopes with Z-plex reticle,
    for a great price.
    Looked through them...and thought,
    hmmm...mindful, and keeping with the foundation of a carbine and stalking rifle,
    I bought them.
    I must admit the silence on this thread was deafening,
    and perhaps spoke the most loudly to me.

    Bruce ~~___/)~*~