Burris C4 scope?

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  1. AP218

    AP218 Well-Known Member

    Nov 27, 2012
    I have been considering buying a Burris C4 scope in the 4.5x14-42. It will be used on a Rem. 700 in .308 with 500 yrds probably being the max shot. Does anybody have experience with this scope?

    Is it the best option in the $350 dollar range?

    Is it worth the extra $100 to get a 30mm tube vs a 1 inch tube?

  2. bruce_ventura

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    May 22, 2011
    HighPowerOptics has the 30 mm model in stock. I started to evaluate it, but haven't finished yet. It's on my list for later this month.

    I've done a more complete evaluation of the MTAC 4.5x14-42 (30 mm). Based on the specs and my inspection so far, the two scopes appear to have the same optical and mechanical design (except for the reticle and turrets, of course). I'm using the MTAC in a ballistics test on a 50BMG rifle shooting some heavy loads.

    The MTAC is typical of Burris optical quality: good resolution and contrast for the price. Burris uses wave springs instead of coil springs in the AO, which is unique. That may be one reason the contrast is so good. Good internal coatings is probably another. The range values on the AO ring are quite accurate (I'm shooting mostly at 900 yds). The sight picture is very clean, with no vignetting at any magnification. It's holding point of aim very well. So far I really like the scope. For a mil/mil scope with a 2nd gen mildot reticle, I don't think you can beat it for the price.

    So far the C4 appears to have the same optical and mechanical performance as the MTAC. The actual elevation range (98 MOA) is much larger than the specs indicate (66 MOA). For that reason, I think people should buy the 30 mm version of the MTAC and C4 scopes, rather than the 1" version. Turret pitch is 12 MOA/rev. All adjustments are a bit stiff. Clicks are audible, but don't have a strong tactile feel. The reticle is a simple crosshair with wind hold offs on 1 MOA spacings. I haven't tested the elevation or windage accuracy yet. More to come later.

    The C4 4.5-14x42 is $50 less than the MTAC 4.5-14x42. I think the C4 is an even better deal than the MTAC, especially isince Burris includes a voucher for a custom turret. Burris has a great reputation for customer service, and the Forever Warranty is outstanding.

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