Burris B-1500 Rangefinder Binocs

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    Oct 21, 2005
    My wife got these for me and I used them for the first time on my recent antelope hunt.

    They are 7X40 binocs with a built-in laser range finder. They weigh 23 oz, but with a chest-hugger type strap are comfortable for extended wear or carry. I couldn't quite see as well as my brother-in-law with his 10 power Swarz's, but the optics are pretty good.

    They have a 'mode' button on the left which changes the range reading from yards to meters, and changes the aim point from crosshairs to a small box. the right button turns the range finder on with the the first push (shuts off after about 15 seconds if not used), and ranges with the second. The display is through the right eyepiece, and is very clear. Looks like it's just floating in space in front of you. They adjust for eye spacing and each side individually for focus. Depth of field is good and if you focus at 100yds it's OK to infinity.

    I was able to get ranges on antelope-sized targets out to 600 yds most of the time, and if it didn't read the first time just hit the button and try again. If there's something reasonably reflective to sight on, they'll read out to about 1200 yds.

    The biggest benefit I see is that you don't have to carry two pieces of gear, and if you have a critter glassed, you can range it. The downside is that if you have game over about 600yds on a flat plain, you can't range.

    At around $700.00 they seem a bit pricey, but if you're not going after that half-mile shot, they replace two pieces of gear with one pretty good substitute.