Burden Memorial LR Regional 05/23-05/25

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    Another weekend of fun in the sun in Sherwood Forest.... I mean, Douglas Ridge Rifle Club. Conditions were mild all weekend long, going from mid fifties in the morning to mid seventies in the afternoon, with mild breezes wafting the cottonwood seeds around the range. Firing points on berms soft with fresh cut grass, shade only a couple steps away, and paid target service if you wanted it. Doesn't get much better than that as far as ranges go.

    And as usual, the flags were about as useless as tits on a boar hog, the mirage frequently lied, and bullets went all over the place as a result. Even the boys with the 'home field' advantage were hemorrhaging points left and right for no explainable reason - they just bled less than the rest of us. Didn't seem to matter if your ammo was loaded with care on a Rockchucker with charges weighed on a milligram scale or loaded full-tilt on a Dillon, shots went high or low regardless.

    All in all, it was an enjoyable weekend with the wife and friends, but as far as the shooting went... I'd rather been @ Rattlesnake ;)

                             Douglas Ridge Rifle Club
                                    Barton, OR                      May 23-25, 2009
                                     INTERIM RESULTS
                                Sat. PALMA   1K Any/Irn   Sun. PALMA   1K Any/Any   Grand AGG.
                -------      HM  -------  
    WAYNE BUDBILL             HM 444-24 1HM   192-9        446-22*MW*   198-7 1HM    1280-62 *MW*
    RICHARD VEDVICK   S       HM 445-22 3MW   196-6 1HM    442-19 3HM   197-9 3HM    1280-56  2MW
    MICHAEL MAURER    S       HM 446-20*MW*   194-6HiSr    441-17HiSr   199-10*MW*   1280-53  3MW
    GARY RASMUSSEN            HM 443-20 2HM   197-9 3MW    441-21       198-5 2HM    1279-55  1HM
    DAVID LITTLEFIELD         HM 442-25 3HM   198-9 2MW    445-21 3MW   192-7        1277-62  2HM
    ROBERT GUSTIN     S       HM 442-20HiSr   194-9 3HM    438-23       199-7* 3MW   1273-59  3HM
    JENNIFER NYBERG   JW      HM 440-22       194-7HiJr    444-18 1HM   192-7        1270-54 HiJr
    KEVAN HOFFARTH            HM 434-23       195-5 2HM    439-11       199-7** 2MW  1267-46     
    FELIX (BUD) SOLIS SP      HM 435-14HiPo   193-6HiPo    443-20 2HM   196-6HiSr    1267-46 HiPo
    TREVOR MASSEY     J       HM 442-22HiJr   187-5        438-15HiJr   197-7HiJr    1264-49     
    ASA YAM                   HM 441-14       189-5        435-16       191-6        1256-41     
    ROBERT GAMBOA     S       HM 431-14       190-8        438-19       193-10       1252-51 HiSr
    TRENT HERING              HM 431-12       182-3        446-17 2MW   189-2        1248-34     
    KEN WESTLING      S       HM 433-11       191-3        436-14       188-6        1248-34     
    BOB GUDGEL        G       HM 431-15       181-4        439-10HiGS   196-6HiGS    1247-35 HiGS
    ROBERT PITCAIRN   G       HM 433-9HiGS    184-2        435-14       195-5        1247-30     
    MICHAEL STORER    J       HM 433-19       176-2        433-13       190-5        1232-39     
    OTTO WEBER        G       HM 425-13         DNF        427-12         DNF        852-25      
    CHARLES CLARK             HM   DNF          DNF        425-9        196-7        621-16      
                -------      MA  -------  
    KELLY BACHAND             MA 446-19 2MW   199-8*MW*    436-24       196-6        1277-57  1MA
    JOHN JULIAN               MA 428-12       187-4        441-20 1MA   199-7 1MA    1255-43  2MA
    DAVE ADAMS                MA 436-16 1MA   189-6 2MA    435-8        192-3        1252-33     
    DONALD CRIGLER    S       MA 431-15 2MA   192-3 1MA    428-12       193-7        1244-37     
    DAVID L HOFFARTH          MA 429-11       180-3        425-10       186-4        1220-28     
    LORNE FISHER      G       MA 430-9        187-4HiGS    418-8        185-2        1220-23     
    SEAN BELL             M   MA 405-7        175-3        407-8        167-2        1154-20     
    JOHN VAN SANTFORD  P      MA 429-13       187-6          DNF          DNF        616-19      
                -------      EX  -------  
    ALPAR (AL) KATONA         EX 435-12 1EX   185-4        431-8        188-3 2EX    1239-27  1EX
    STEPHEN SMOOTS            EX 429-8        187-3        422-10       183-3        1221-24     
    ROBERT BERGSTROM      M   EX 415-6        183-5        412-8        184-2        1194-21     
    THAD C ADAMS          M   EX 410-6        180-5        400-4        174-1        1164-16     
    BILLY CLARK               EX 399-4        163-2        411-10       178-2        1151-18     
    ABE KAMERMAN              EX 426-17       190-1 1EX      DNF          DNF        616-18      
                -------      SS  -------  
    FRANK FERNANDEZ           SS 432-13 1SS   190-6 1SS    435-16 1EX   193-9 1EX    1250-44  1SS
    CONNOR PIERCE     J       SS 418-5        172-2        434-8 2EX    180-2        1204-17     
    JAMES ROBT CLARK          SS 410-7        178-5        407-7        182-3        1177-22     
    ROBERT KATZBERG           SS 403-8        162-1        410-4        177-3        1152-16     
    STEVE POLONSKY     P      SS 377-4        146-0          DNF          DNF        523-4       
                -------      F   -------  
    STEVEN ZOCK           FOP F  438-15 1F    189-3        438-17 1F    189-3        1254-38  1F 
    DARRELL BUELL         FTR F  436-17 2F    190-2 2F     432-11       188-3        1246-33  2F 
    RON HERMS         S   FOP F  419-10       189-5        435-15 2F    192-6 1F     1235-36     
    JOHN WEIL         S   FTR F  417-7        190-3 1F     431-16       191-5 2F     1229-31     
    STANLEY C PATE        FTR F  420-5        181-2        428-13       187-2        1216-22     
    MONTE MILANUK         FTR F  411-8        186-3        432-8        187-2        1216-21     
    BOB CAREY             FTR F  416-8        181-1        416-11       176-4        1189-24     
    PAUL REIBIN       G   FTR F  425-9        178-2        406-4        164-0        1173-15     
    KATHLEEN MILANUK   W  FTR F  389-1        171-1        406-7        168-2        1134-11     
    CADE VAN SANTFORD *   F   F  372-4          DNF          DNF          DNF        372-4       
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    Sep 27, 2006
    Hi Monte,
    An interesting read. I am a F-Class shooter down here in New Zealand. I am intersted to know what each of the class codes mean:
    i.e. HM, MA, EX, SS - are these different classes with in Palma Rifle (traditional target rifle).
    I'm also guessing just like here in NZ we put the F-Class scores are at the bottom of the page.
    Do you score Palm & F-class the same way?
    Here in NZ in F-Class (Open & FTR classes) we score our centres as a 6. In comparison our target rifle shooters score these as a V (which also has a value of 5). Thus for F-Class for a total of ten counting shots the maximum possible is 60, and in target rifle the maximum (perfect) score is 50.10v

    Thanks Glen

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    Jan 21, 2002

    Probably a bit more detail than you need - but for those reading not familiar w/ the way High Power Rifle works...

    The abbreviations HM, MA, EX, SS, & MK refer to shooter classes, not the rifle - a concept that is somewhat foreign to most people outside conventional iron-sight matches. Basically they (the NRA) calculates a rolling average of your last 120 record shots and issues a card when you reach the next level. Its entirely possible to have multiple cards in multiple disciplines - I have a SS card in Across-The-Course matches (three-position, rapid fire, iron sights only), an Expert card in mid-range (300-600yd) conventional Prone, a Master card in long-range conventional Prone, an Expert card in F-Class (from when they didn't distinguish between long range and mid-range - 900 & 1k really drag my scores down), and supposedly either a Master or High Master card coming from my mid-range F-Class matches so far this year - shooting F-Open @ 500/600yds tends to result in scores in 98%+ range. There are variations (different number of rounds used for classification in Across The Course, and different percentages in US NRA Fullbore) but the chart below should give you an idea of the way it works. Also... classes can be combined or 'rolled up' - if there are less than five competitors in a class, they may be combined with adjacent classes at the match director's discretion - so there may be a 'MK/SS/EX' class at some matches, etc.

    HM = High Master >= 98%
    MA = Master 96.50% - 97.99%
    EX = Expert 94.00% - 96.49%
    SS = Sharpshooter 91.50% - 93.99%
    MK = Marksman < 91.50%

    It's a little weird... the sling shooters all pretty much shoot the same category, maybe two at the most (Palma aka 'Target Rifle', and Any Rifle/ Any Sight), so they get divided up by the shooter classification - the High Masters aren't competing directly with the Sharpshooters and Marksman class people. In theory anyone can win the match, but reality dictates its usually one of the High Master competitors. With the relatively low numbers of F-Class shooters around here, we barely have enough to separate by F/Open and F/TR. About the only time I see F-Class split out *also* by shooter class is @ Nationals. And even then... it's not always an accurate way of classing shooters, as it is highly susceptible to what kind of range a person competes on (windy vs. sheltered) and at what distances. Better than nothing at all.

    Our targets are all decimal aka 10-X. We use the exact same target faces as the Prone shooters, with a different repair center that has a 1/2 moa X ring and 1 moa 10-ring instead of a 1 moa X and 2 moa 10 ring (1/2 the diameter, but 1/4 the area to land a shot in). All the other scoring rings are moved in correspondingly.

    The main reason the F-Class scores are at the bottom of the page has to do with the archaic software that they use around here for matches (DOS based application that barely even runs on Win XP). The people who wrote it never envisioned F-Class, and the people who use/maintain it today don't want to acknowledge it. Nuff said.
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