Bulls in rut

Discussion in 'Elk Hunting' started by lamiglas, Sep 12, 2009.

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    Mar 20, 2008
    Over the last week here in idaho, the bulls have been fairly active. one day, the woods are silent, and the next, several bulls are talking. they are not real agressive yet, but yesterday i called in a 6 pt to 35 yds. He didnt make noise, and we didnt even know he was there. we set up in a spot that we know is good, and just sat and called for awhile. He came in silently and I just wasnt set up for the way he came in. if i was standing up, or two feet to my right, i would have had a clean shot. He didnt see me and was circling around and my partner got a shot at 22yds but missed!! He missed by several feet due to??? probably hitting a twig?? anyway, what a blast. anyone else having any luck.