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    Jul 1, 2002
    Hey guys , I'm in the process of trying get hold of as many differant bullets in differant calibers so I can cut them in half and make a compairison display board , kinda like when guys want to see the internal differance between a Ballistic tip and an Accu-bond.
    I cut some 140gr Noslers the other day for a buddy because he couldnot understand why the partitions were so highly respected for big game and why the accubod was stronger than the ballistic tip so I milled the three in half and showed him then I got to thinking what a good Idea it would be to just make up a display board so when anybody asked we could just post a picture
    If anybody is interted in sending me some donor bullets I'd only need one of each that is to be cross sectioned. feel free to E-mail me if you want to get my address or discuss this
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    I'm pretty sure they're not what you want but I have a bunch of old Herter's 22, 25 and 30 cal bullets. Most don't shoot very well but the 53gr match bullets out of a 22-250 suprized hell out of me! If I ever make it home again and you want a few, I'll send them. If I can find them, I also have some really really old Hornady's, 30 cal 180gr. Boy were they funny looking! Have the box too if I can find them, house fire a few years ago kinda screwed things up a bit!