Bullet test a bust

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  1. eddybo

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    Jan 5, 2007
    I decided I would test out some of the 265gr Henson Aluminum Tip bullets on some TX hill country does. Well I got the does, but not much else. I shot the does at 806, 818, and 836 yards. I wanted to try some longer range shots but the wind was gusting up to 28 mph.

    All animals were DRT.

    Unfortunately while we were eating dinner with the guide, the staff not only dressed the animals, but also basically deboned them before I could get any photos of the wound channels. I was expecting to get back and find deer hanging instead found them in bags ready for the trip home.
    I did manage to get one photo of the exit on one of the does. Entrance was through one shoulder exit was just in font of the off shoulder.


    I hit one of the does while slightly quartering to me, and lost the shot in the wind. The bullet hit about 4 inches back of the shoulder, basically your classsic gut shot. She still flopped. There was a small exit wound in the off side ham, where it looks like part of the bulle exited even at that angle. I didnt notice the exit and thought I would be able to recover the bullet, but was only able to find one small fragment. I assume the rest of the bullet was there somewhere, but never got the chance to examine the gut pile.

    The guy who did he skinning quartering etc was impressed with the damage the bullets did, not so much with the gut shot.:)

    The best thing about the trip was the wife finally got her first buck....and her second, and third pics of her deer to come. The worst thing was that I let the wife use my 243AI and she missed 3 deer the first afternoon. I forgot to dial the scope back down from some 1K crow shooting....well attempted shooting. I was in the dog house there for a while.

    Anyway sorry to let you guys down. I know some want some independant testing done with these bullets, sorry I cant give you more info. I definately wouldnt be too worried about these bullets penciling through.
  2. Buffalobob

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Glad you had a good time. 800+ yards is some nice shooting.

    In case you left before my last post, we will shoot a match at Quantico on January 4.

  3. Len Backus

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    May 2, 2001
    Let's see....

    Three bullets, 3 dead deer at 800+ yards. I guess they work!
  4. Lightvarmint

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    Plus the Barry O'Connors Montana elk, and my five test specimens (deer) with two different calibers. That is a total of nine aniimals all taken at various ranges with one shot using the HATS........... Yep, they work just fine......... ;)

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    GREYGHOSTt <strong>SPONSOR</strong>

    Mar 22, 2003
    Congradulations Eddybo glad you had a good hunt!
  6. jimbo300

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    Sep 2, 2007
    Hey Eddybo,

    That's some good shootin'. Looks like that bullet works just fine. Congratulations to your wife also, you might as well get her started in F-class now.
  7. Ernie

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    Jun 18, 2007
    Good shooting and I am glad the bullets did their job.
    What cartridge are you using?
  8. eddybo

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    Jan 5, 2007
    Thanks guys we had a blast. Now the wife is considering a Safari for plains game:)

    Jimbo, I should get her shooting f-class, but am scared of the competition:) I should be back in Bogue Chitto next month so get your bullets loaded up.

    BB, I am hopefully going to make it to that match, I am pretty sure I will be in the area whether I can find time to shoot may be a different story. One question? Is it limited to 308?

    Ernie, I was shooting one of Kirby's 338AMs running the 265s at 3400fps. I figured if anything would put those bullets to the test that ought to do it.
  9. distantfoe

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    May 13, 2005
    Great shooting!

    What kind of BC's were you using to find your come-ups?
  10. ol mike

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    Aug 21, 2005
    Eddybo said -" I forgot to dial the scope back down from some 1K crow shooting....well attempted shooting. I was in the dog house there for a while. "
    Oh yeah right -we all know that old pratical joke !
  11. RockZ

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    Mar 10, 2006
    Great shooting and congrats.
    Could you give us an idea of the loads you were using and velocity.
    I have a 338 Lapua Improved that I have to load to 3.6" and was going to try the 265Hats.
  12. Lightvarmint

    Lightvarmint Guest

    Our load for the 265 grain HATS in the 338 LAP IMP is 107 grains of Retumbo with the bullet seated -.045" from land engagement. The velocity is 3245 fps. Very accurate load and it whacks them very well.

  13. goodgrouper

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    Sep 3, 2004

    Yes, a short range test I agree. Because at the advertised b.c. and your large case, the impact at 800 yards would probably be similar to a 300 gr SMK at 500 or 600 yards ( I'm too lazy tonight to actually run the numbers for an exact distance so it's a guess) from a regular sized magnum and I've seen Barnes bullets in smalller-cased 338 caliber open at that range and let's not forget that at short distance, a 338 is a pretty big hole no matter what bullet it is.
    So in effect, it's still unknown as to what these bullets will do to game when impact velocities are reduced to under 2200 fps. So far, they look a lot better than the Gen I bullets so that is promising.

    And I'm glad you had a fun hunt. Did you have any jerky stips made? I love home-smoked whitetail jerky but whitetails are hard to come by in this part of the world!
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  14. Lightvarmint

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    Advertised BC? We have not advertised any as of yet..... We only have some crude drop charts and expectations based on those drop charts. Specifically, we don't want folks to get the impression that instrumental BC testing has been performed. Once it has, then we will publish the numbers..... For example, if one used a BC of .860 through .930 at 3245 fps for developing models, you will find the drops are within the accuracy of the firearm being used for testing (typically .2 moa).

    Remember, Gen II bullets (the ones Eddybo and I used) are much more ballistically friendly (higher BC) than their Gen I cousins. However since they offer a less abrupt frontal profile (longer nose) of resistance, they will not theoretically expand as rapidly as the Gen Is did with an abrupt nose given that the tips, cores, jackets and launch velocity are all exactly the same. But since the Gen Is are not being offered anymore due to the more sleek Gen II die being availble, it is all moot.

    Since we have some real world expansion tests at various ranges with different calibers and weights, we are going to run some tests in reverse. Specifically, we are going to go to the known ranges of kill shots and replicate those exact shots in test media to seperate the known from the unknown. Then we can compare the test media results to the actual kill shots and lay the groundwork for future testing, future testing theories and future testing conclusions. This should be very enlightening to say the least. I even have a few Gen I 265s and 280s that can be tested in media at 1000 yards if we get the time.......

    When comparing rifles that are chambered in the cheytac-based cases using the 300 SMK at the industry standard 3250 fps along side of a case the size of the 338 Lapua Improved using the 265 grain HATS at 3245, we have evidence that the Lapua-based case can equal or surpass the cheytac-based case performance simply by just using the HAT bullets. This is a fairly significant performance improvement without changing calibers to a larger case that burns 40 grains more powder for similar performance.......... However, when the larger cheytac-based case uses the 265grain or the 280 grain HATS, it sets the new performance standard for sub 50 cal BMG based cartridges........

    Next, since a lot of you guys have 300 RUM-based cartridges on repeater actions, we are going to perform some experiments on these cases in both .30 and .338 configurations to find out which caliber is actually the best (user defined) performer when launched from the same volume cases when the barrels are throated to accept a OAL of 3.975 for use with the Wyatt extended length center feed magazine. This way, customers can order their barrels and/or guns based on configurations that produce the LESS DRIFT, LESS DROP and MORE POP for that rifle configuration and bolt face dimension.

    We will be using a Hall Repeater action, Hart barrels, Jewell triggers, McMillan stocks, Nightforce optics, Kelbly rings and bases, Hodgdon powder and of course the HAT bullets. Running the intial data, it looks as if it will be very close. Some data models even indicate that one has the advantage at the shorter ranges is overtaken by the other caliber at say 500 yards or so. However, only actual testing will prove which configuration has the advantage using the full velocity potential of the 300 RUM cases with the HAT bullets....

    Merry Christmas and have a prosperous and Happy New Year.