Bullet Performance Text & Video - Chapter 2

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    Shot log:

    1 - 225 Speer Spitzer @ 2993 - Effective Distance 100 yds - 16" penetration. Removed only a weird shaped jacket shrapnel looking thing. I lacked getting to the off side plate by about 2 inches.

    2 - 225 NAB @ 2368 - Effective distance - 590 yds - 18" Penetration - into the plate on the off side. Retrieved the prettiest performing bullet any company would be pleased to display. Perfect performance. Retained 197.7 grains. This was the over all winner of the test. Plenty enough to convince me of what Goodgrouper alread knows.

    3 - 25 cal. 115 Berger @ 3066 - Effective Distance 100 yds - 11.5" of penetration. This bullet won the hearts of the crowd. It has taken many deer and at least 2 long range caribou. In 6mm cal we know the performance of Berger VLDs from Buffalobob's antelope and hog experience.

    4 - 225 Speer Spitzer @ 3011 MV - Effective distance 100 yds - 17.5" penetration - Bullet not retrieved.

    5 - 225 NAB @ 2271 MV - Effective distance 590 yds - 18" penetration - bullet not retrieved.

    6 - 225 NAB @ 2732 - Bone crusher attempt. Talk about damage to a large bone. WOW! Turned a major bone/joint to must for about a 6" diameter. Bullet not retrieved.

    7 - 225 Speer Spitzer @ 2997 - Effective distance 100 yds - complete penetration of the brisket. We wanted to see splatter. Shooting this thing sure wasn't any red mist experience.:( the bullet penetrated and made 2 jagged penetrations of the foam board about 4" apart.

    8 -300 SMK @ 2700 MV - Effective distance 100 yds - complete penetration. This was one of the shot to attempt to see splatter. The bullet penetrated the lower rib cage a bit far back and made the bubble. This bullet won the IMPACT sound award both times it was fired:eek:. It made a single hole in the blue foam indicating that it held together.

    9 - 25 Cal Berger 115 @ 3057 MV - Effective distance 100 yds. Shot was into the front leg bone. Penetration was complete with about 1.5" exit and 1.5" entrance into the off side leg. The bone was hit on the near leg but missed on the off side. Penetration was straight w/no deflection with a nice exit in the hide on the off side. This is one impressive little bullet. Probing with our scientic probe (small diameter arrow) revealed that the bone was not completly brokem with only about 350 degrees of the bone remaining (maybe a half inch).

    All other shots were to bust up bones and a very good job they did. The 225 NAB and 300 SMK loaded to an effective distance of about 600 yds were absolutely awesome.

    Some note:

    The hide was tough. The arrow was just a bit large for the 25 cal entrances and had to be pounded in with way more force than one would expect.

    You'll note that all bullets whether small and fast or big and slow had about the same visible impact affect regardless where hit. From the 25 Cal Berger in the front arm to whatever and where ever else it all appeared the same.

    Here's the video

    ballistics.flv - Video - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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    Awesome! Thanks so much for the effort you put out. I will stick with loading Bergers in anything that shoots them well. And I await the .338 300 Berger!! I was beginning to doubt them with some of the things you hear. But This is proof enough for me.

    Thanks again for doing this, awesome job!!!:cool:


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    Thanks for the 25 cal. info I guess I will go with the bergers for their ease of availability over the wildcats. I hope the 125 Bergers will work in a factory twist barrel when they are released. although from the test results it sounds as though the 115vld is all that will be needed for West Texas whitetail and muleys. Thanks for the info.
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    thank you very much Roy, and others that helped.i know that was a heck of a bunch of work. thw write-up and video were awesome.
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    response to #2: GG had to come to the same conclusion you did my friend. Testing, testing, testing. And my results were just like yours. It's hard to beat those accubonds!

    response to #3 Remember my antelope I shot a few years ago with the 6mm berger 95 grain VLD? Dead speed goat at over 400 yards with a puny little 6mm br. It backed up what BB's results were too.
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    Good job. Thanks for your efforts and sharing your conclusions.