Building My First Longrange Gun?

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by Captn C, Nov 29, 2007.

  1. Captn C

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    Nov 27, 2007
    Here is my plan:

    I know a guy who built one like this...

    I have a P-17 Winchester action that I want to barrel and have chambered to 300 RUM. My thoughts are it have a 30" 1.125 Stainless barrel with a slow twist for shooting light bullets...125 to 130 grain. I'd like to see 4k FPS or more. I doubt I'd ever use it on anything bigger than whitetails.
  2. tsmiller4

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    Jul 25, 2005
    Your'e gonna burn up that new $$$$$$ Barrel in about 200-300 shots shooting light bullets at 4k fps. Will be much more worth it to go with some of the 200-240 gr pills. I shoot 220gr SMK's out of mine. 99% of my hunting is on deer. They are FLAWLESS. Get some h-1000 or retumbo and some 220grn'rs and go to town!!! They should run around 3000-3100 fps out of a 30" barrell. Good luck and have fun!!

  3. wildcat

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    Jul 16, 2005
    CaptC, I am having a custom .30 cal varmint rifle built specifically to shoot the 110grn V-Max and 125grn Ballistic Tip.

    It is called the 300 Varminter and is built by Richard Fraklin of Richards Custom Rifles.

    The 300 Varminter is based off the 300 WSM cartridge and is a match tightneck chamber. With a custom action and a 30" 1-15 twist barrel, it will push the 125grn BT at 4000+fps, and the 110grn V-Max at 4100+fps. Look at his web page and check it out. It is an awesome set up and barrel life will be much better than the 300 RUM. Plus, Norma makes excellent 300 WSM Brass.

    I am having it built to shoot Pdogs and ground squirrels out to 850 yards. The 300 Varminter is absolutely devastating on varmints. If want a .30cal for shooting light bullets at 4000+fps, I would highly recommend you look at the 300 Varminter and Richard Franklins web site.

    Here is what I am having built;
    1. 300 Varminter
    2. Nesika Model K, 1.470 Diameter Action
    3. Bartlien 30", 1-15 twist, 1.250 straight cylinder barrel
    4. Richards Model #8 1000 yard stock, with 2 pounds lead added
    5. Jewel 2oz trigger
    6. Vias Muzzle brake
    7. Nesika 20MOA Rail
    8. Burris 30mm Signiture series rings
    9. Nightforce NXS 8x32x56mm with MLR Reticle
    10. Weight of rifle, with scope, will be 22.5 pounds

    It's very important to understand that a regular 300 WSM will NOT come close to pushing the lighter bullets at 4000fps. The 300 Varminter is a specially designed rifle. Proper componets, such as custom action and a 30" 1-15 twist barrel, must be used to obtain 4000+fps.

    There is also an article on about the 300 Varminter. Check it out!

  4. Captn C

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    Nov 27, 2007
    Thanks for the replies.

    I was wondering if I would have barrel like issues if I tried to do this. I have/had (lost touch with each other) that has a 300WBY Mag set up like I was planning to do mine. I was there and seen the read out on the cronagraph...four shots only one was below 4000 fps he was shooting 125gr Nosler BT...the three shots that were over 4K were touching on the 300yd range. It seems he was about 5 grain over max load and didn't have any pressure issues with one of the Reloader powders.

    I thought about the RUM because of brass availability...I wonder if the 300 win mag would get a few more shot out of the barrel before burning it out?!?!? It seems it would be hard to get the full 4K out of that cartigage.

    Thanks wildcat...I'll check into the info you posted.