Building .270 Long Range Rifle for Cheap?

Discussion in 'The Basics, Starting Out' started by TacticalHits, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. TacticalHits

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    Dec 6, 2007
    First off I am new to this site and just registered so if I ask any stupid questions that have already been answered than I am sorry?!

    I bought myself a new Remington Model 710 chambered in .270win about 3 months ago at Bi-Mart for $330bucks with a scope, sling, and hard plastic case! Not, a bad price for a starter gun.

    Now I know some of you are cringing, but I didn't have much money and my cousin had one chambered in 30-06 which was a tack driver at under 300yrds , plus I hadn't heard much about long range hunting.

    I broke the gun in slowly cleaning every round for the first 10 then every 5 rds for the next 50 rds. The last 20 rds I shot where 130gr. Federal Sierra Gamekings, I was getting .5 to .75 inch groups at 100yds and 2.5in groups at 300yrds. Those where shot with my bi-pod and a sand bag. I know this is good, especially for a $330.00 gun.

    So here is my question can I build an accurate 1,000 yard gun from this setup? Yes, I know the barrel isn't replaceable and the gun will only last so long , but I think it would be a good practice gun learning ballistics, and such for taking 1,000 yrd shots. My next rifle will be a .338 lupua which I will plan on spending much more money on!

    Also, will this setup work for taking coyotes at 300-600yrds and should I use the gameking or the matchking for them?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Nathan,
  2. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004

    Welcome aboard!

    It sounds and looks like you have made a good start. There aren't many that buy at the local Mart and then do a proper break-in. Good job!

    There are plenty of 270 Win shooters around here, hopefully they will chime in.

    Regarding bullets, I'd try to stick with those with the highest bc in the 135 or 140 grain range. You may also find that the Nosler Ballistic Tips may shoot very well. However, go for whatever shoots the best. Most importantly is to settle on a load and don't dink around so much with teh load but concentrate on the drop chart and harvesting things . Get used to clicking those turrets for those extended ranges and you'll soon learn how far you are good for.

    You didn't indicate which primer, powder or case you are using. Higher velocities and longer case life are usually achieved with Winchester cases. Best accuracy is usually achieved with a non-magnum primer such as the CCI-200s.

    About coyotes to 600yds: You'll be able to answer that yourself after you've worked up your drop chart to that distance.;) You have a pretty nifty looking and shooting rig there. Have fun!

  3. Guy M

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    Jun 4, 2007
    "can I build an accurate 1,000 yard gun from this setup?"

    When most people say "build" a gun, they're talking about having the action trued (or starting with a custom action) and installing a custom barrel from one of the makers of fine target barrels, then maybe adding a nice trigger and bedding the thing in a custom stock.

    You already know that your rifle isn't suitable for this. That's fine. So what?

    Can you use your existing rifle to shoot to 300, 500, or 600 plus yards with reasonable game-taking accuracy? Probably yes. Your 2.5" 300 yard groups are testimony that the rifle has good accuracy capability just as it is.

    I'd recommend you keep that rifle exactly as it is. Don't spend another dime on it. You may or may not want to mess with your load a bit - that doesn't cost much. Coyotes and deer are in serious trouble from that rifle if you do your part.

    Then save your cash for a build. It's not cheap, but there are things you can do to hold down costs. Some ideas:

    1. Look hard at Savage - their varmint weight rifles. A terrific bargain and very friendly to home gunsmithing. With a few tools you can even swap barrels on them yourself. They make models with a very nice laminated stock and a heavy barrel too. Very easy base to work from.

    2. Look for a used Rem 700. Sometimes at pawn shops or gun shops you can find a great deal on a beat up old Rem 700. The actions are very easy for a smith to work with. I've bought good safe working Rem 700's for as little as $200 in recent years. For a real "build" you're going to get rid of everything except the action anyway.

    3. Look for a lightly used 700 Sendero... These things are amazingly capable for a factory rifle. Or a 700 VS which is pretty much the same thing, but in a short action.

    You've got a decent, basic rifle with which you can build your shooting skills, hunt a lot and just plain enjoy. It looks good and apparently works good too. No cringing here! Don't waste any money trying to turn it into something it's not and never will be. Use it as is, and save for what you really want. Just my input.

    Regards, Guy
  4. FMI

    FMI Active Member

    Nov 28, 2007
    Bedding and playing with the trigger are as far as i would go. The rifle is shooting plenty sub MOA at 300, not bad for a $330 710.
  5. silvertip-co

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    Jun 20, 2007
    ...gee thats a pretty nice looking rig. What fer scope is that??? I am a bit of a 270 guy myself and am thinking about changing some things on my Sav 270 to make it more suitable for LRH.
  6. tjonh2001

    tjonh2001 Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    leave it alone and save your money for your next rifle.the one you are shooting now is plenty good for your first. my brother shoots one and has taken game to 600 with his. he was using 140 acubonds. What kind of scope is that on your rifle.
  7. TacticalHits

    TacticalHits Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    Thanks for your input! I'm glad I found this website, you all seem to be very nice people with no trashing which is always amazing to find on a online forum! I don't remember what the shell casing was on the SGK, I'll I know was they were off the shelf 130grain Federal Sierra GameKing. My cousin is reloading some rounds for me right now because I haven't bought reloading equipment yet, but soon! He is using the shells from the FSGK and loading Sierra GameKing Bullets starting at 41.0grains to 42.0grains of Varget powder and cci-200 primers. We found out it shot pretty good with 42.0grains but didn't like anymore so we are going to try a little less and see if that makes a difference. What do you think about Barns Triple Shock, or Sierra MatchKings?
    Oh, and the scope mounted in the picture is a cheap Center-Point 4-16x40 scope, but I took it back because it was not adjusting properly and skipping clicks. So I have my 3-9x40 BSA Red Dot scope on my gun for now, it is cheap, but at least it holds zero consistently! I hope to be buying a new scope within the next month or two. Any idea's for semi-decent scopes under $200bucks let me know! Thanks Nathan,
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  8. royinidaho

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    Jan 20, 2004

    If you wish to go long range Varget powder may be a bit fast and reach pressure limits prior to achieving a good velocity. The case capacity is about 60 grains of something like RL-22 or 4831. Try 55 or so grains of either and the CCI-200 and work up from there. The RL-22 may will end up producing the most accurate loads.

    I've never had bad shooting with any of the sierras but the bc of the game king hollow point is pretty poor.... Nosler 130 Ballistic tips and Accubonds are great. For some reason we have stuck with the 140 Hornady BTSP interlock.

    For reaching out and touching something you'll want as much velocity as is reasonable out of that cartridge. At least 3000 fps. 3200 is even better and some combinations of bullet, powder, chamber and bore will do it and with good case life.

    As said above in most posts, don't mess with the gun but improve the load and the scope.

    I hate to recommend a less expensive (read cheap) scope. I've done that too many times and have been sorry each time. One of the most reasonable scopes with good clicks and for shooting in day light is the Super Sniper. They can be had for about 250 bucks in the used market or 300 bucks new. The 10X is sufficient. The 16X is noticeably worse in dim light at least with my eyes. The fixed power may be a spot of bother for close shots but in my experience they are rock solid.

    Keep at it and soon that 500yd buck will be in the freezer and the rack on the wall.;)
  9. tjonh2001

    tjonh2001 Well-Known Member

    Aug 13, 2007
    if you are looking for an inexpensive scope look to the super sniper. remember these are 30 mil tube, i have 1 and it holds its zero very well. i just order the new bushnell 5x15x40 tactical new they are 329.oo. i have heard very good things about these, if this is to much money then look to the bushnell 10x40 new in the box they are 179.99. make sure that you have them in good rings and bases. then you can save for a mark 4, nightforce,s&b or Ior.
  10. TacticalHits

    TacticalHits Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    I was wondering what Laser Range Finders Work for jobs up to 1,000yards, or at least 700yds?

    Here are some that I am interested in?

    Bushnell Yardage Pro Sport 450 laser rangefinder
    4x magnification
    20mm objective lens
    5 yds. to 999 yds. (reflective) range
    +/-1 yard accuracy
    5 yard minimum distance
    Built-in reflector
    Built-in rain mode
    Textured grip
    1-button operation
    Operates on 9-volt battery
    Includes carrying case & strap
    Camo finish
    2-year warranty
    Cost -- -- -- -- -- -- -- $161.00 at Cheaper Than Dirt

    7x25mm LRM 1500 Digital Laser Rangefinder Monocular
    7x magnification
    25mm objective lens
    20m to 1,500m range
    +/-1 meter accuracy
    Reads in yards or meters
    Instantly measures distance
    Laser-active indicator
    Low battery indicator
    Cross & rectangular reticles
    Recalls last 10 readings
    8 deg. field of view
    9-volt battery required
    Rubber grip
    Cost -- -- -- -- -- -- -- $223.10 at Cheaper Than Dirt

    Let me know what you think, will these rangefinders be accurate at 1,000yds? I don't know that much about rangefinders so any info would be helpful! Thanks Nathan,
  11. mikebob

    mikebob Well-Known Member

    Jun 4, 2006
    My brother had a 710 in 300 win mag from walmart. It would shoot very good with hand loads. It wouldn't shoot the vld bullets very good but it would shoot the reg. berger 168gr hpbt very good out to 800 yards very accurate. After he got the hang of shooting out there he built his own savage. I would say leave it alone and work on your loads, practice alot, learn the wind, after a while you'll know what you want to try next.
  12. Dead Beat

    Dead Beat Well-Known Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    i have a super sniper 10X on my savage 308 model 12 and love it . i have it as a training tool to learn to use the clicks . and dope the wind . if i was having any more fun it would be illegal
  13. elkstalker300

    elkstalker300 Well-Known Member

    Nov 18, 2004
    sounds like a fun gun to shoot. My experience with range finders is dont get the cheaper models, I have 2 bushnells that didnt cut it and now have one that wil range out as far as my 300rum will shoot. Have fun with the gun and save for a good range finder. Remember that what ever they are rated for cut that in half and you can figure that as a consistant range yardage, expect for the higher end models that will range out to their rated yardage, just what I have found. I have a bushnell 1000 (JUNK), Yardage pro 800 (NOT BAD), and now a newcon2000 pro (Amazing).
  14. TacticalHits

    TacticalHits Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2007
    Happy 2008 to everyone!
    I hope you all had a great Christmas & New Years!

    So a few things have changed for the better! I should have some money in few months to buy a decent scope, rangefinder, and other things necessary to make that 1,000yd shot!

    I can have $1,000dollars max to get myself set up but would like to spend less if possible? But, I want to get stuff that works! But, on a budget.

    So as you already know, I have my .270 rifle but things I know I need are...

    PDA with Ballistics Data
    Shooting Chrony
    Weather Reader

    Am I on the right track, is there other things that I need?, also what should I get for each of these? Any ideas or input would be great!

    Thanks Nathan,