Buiilding a 6.5 Creedmoor library

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    Apr 26, 2012
    Hey folks, I'm not finding very easily a good number of 6.5 Creedmoor threads which are supported by owners. Most threads are comments and opinions by non-owners (who do own other 6.5 chamberings or other calibres altogether).

    Went to a new-to-me shooting range yesterday. TopGun Shooting Club near Leonard, TX has to be the most relaxing shooting range I've been to in years. They have an interesting format of qualification shoots to move from 100yd to 200, 200 to 300 and so forth out to 500yd. My 6.5 posted a 1-1/8" group at 100, I rang the 4" gong consecutively at 200, rang the 4"x3" at 300 as required to qualify for printing paper at 400.

    The three of us were there to give a workout to our ARs and 6.5s, his a Swede and mine a CM. I am thoroughly impressed with what the 6.5CM can do in terms of accuracy, which is where I find the other 6.5CM threads lacking. Those other threads make few or no comments about that point and merely denegrate the CM for its similarity/inferiority in external ballistics to the 6.5x47, .260 Rem and 6.5x.284.

    I readily admit that the CM monikered version is an also ran in terms of overall performance. What is completely impressive to me is the level of accuracy shown by my factory issued Savage M11 LRH and factory ammo. When I first brought it home it was unbelieveable the number of short videos and Hornady technical videos touting its performance. Previous experience in the 80s and 90s led me to believe factory equipment and ammo going MOA was luck, not design.

    Imagine my surprise when in breaking in the barrel I printed five 3-shot groups averaging 1.1". I've never owned such a straight shooter, I was giddy!! I asked my brother when reporting the results, Did I just buy a laser gun?

    When I went to the range yesterday while talking with the Range Master he gave me the obligatory nod of the head as I reported what I planned to accomplsih under their LR qualification process (Meanwhile he probably thought, "Yeah, dude, I've heard this story 1000 times and 990 are BS.") As soon as he saw my 100yd group he quit what he was doing and invited me immediately to go for the gong at 200 while he spotted me, then we went for the 300yd gong. His cool demeanor changed quickly and he began asking a few questions about my rig and expereince.

    My friend's son had to work yesterday and so we decided a cut-off time. That didn't coordinate with cease fires and we were left with the satisfaction of seeing our last targets in the spotting scope rather than bringing them home. His son was printing 3+" with the Swede using iron sights at 100yd. My one and only 3-shot group at 300 yards with my CM was sub-2". Two guys looked at it on the gridded target sheet and said it was close to 1-1/2". How many times in life can someone buy a rifle off the rack with a box of factory ammo and get this level of performance?!? I'm HAPPY.

    If those other 6.5mm cartridges are the ballistic equal or the better of the CM their attaction to hotrodders is underestood. I am asking here and now, "Are they the accuracy equal of the 6.5 CM in 100% factory dress?" To me the answer lies in what can be found all over the net, I won't repeat it here.

    I'm simply pleased to have a pair of rifles that between them average MOA at 100yd with factory ammo and no gunsmithing tweaks.

    Is this the start of the LRH fever so many speak of? I hope it is an enjoyable illness that lasts a long time.