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    Mar 14, 2006
    I have just finalized the details of a lease on a big ranch here in Nebraska to hunt buffalo. We are going to start hunting on the big ranch as they are better hunts with more animals to choose from than here at home. It's starting to get late in the year and I'd like to get some more of these sold since the ranch is long on mature bulls. A sister ranch to this one has the pending #1 SCI rifle and bow and I think we can get close to or better than these if that's your thing. The ranch is not too far north of Interstate 80 so if your heading west to hunt you can stop for a day, shoot your animal and pick up the meat on the way home. Look at my website for prices and you can contact me here or through the website. We can work on price for group hunts but can't do anything on singles. Please note, this is a new website and is still a little rough. If any of you ever find yourself building a hunting type website, get someone that understands what the hunter wants to see.